Sending coupon code to email is now available in Coupon X

Great news! You can now send the coupon code to your client’s email address. By sending the coupon codes through email, you can reach your website visitors directly in their inboxes, increasing the chance that they will see and engage with the offer.

How this new feature help your business?

Sending discount codes via email is an excellent way to boost customer engagement. This can capture the attention of recipients, encouraging them to interact with the offer. This engagement can lead to increased brand loyalty as customers feel valued and appreciated.

What is Coupon X?

With Coupon X, you can create discount popups to grab the attention of your website visitors instantly. By offering a tempting discount or special promotion, you create a sense of urgency and encourage users to explore your products or services further. This engagement can be the spark that turns a casual browser into a paying customer.

Other new features

Aside from sending coupon codes to visitor’s email address, we have also added some cool targeting features and the two-step coupon generation.

Now you can set to show the discount popup only to new or returning visitors (Paid plan).

Offering a discount code to new visitors serves as a warm welcome, encouraging them to explore the website more and make their first purchase. While offering discount codes exclusively to returning visitors is a powerful way to express appreciation for their loyalty. By acknowledging and rewarding their repeat business, you can build a stronger emotional connection with customers, fostering loyalty that goes beyond one-time purchases.

We have also enhanced the flow of showing the discount code by adding the two-step coupon generation. When the discount popup shows, the user needs to click the “Show me the code” button to reveal the discount code.

What else can you do with Coupon X?

What makes it more beneficial is you can use the Coupon X app for free and show it up to 500 visitors per month.

Also with the Free plan, you can:

  • collect your visitor’s email address by asking for it before showing the discount code or you can just use the Coupon X app to show an announcement popup screen.
  • set the Coupon X discount code to be automatically applied to your visitor’s cart when they click on the popup button.
  • choose from available prebuilt popup templates (lightbox popup, slide-in popup, floating bar)
  • customize your widget by changing the colors, widget size, and add your own CSS

If the Free plan is not enough for you, you can upgrade to any of the Paid plans anytime and take advantage of the advanced features like:

  • showing the Coupon X up to 10,000 to 2 million visitors per month (depending on the Paid plan you choose).
  • creating multiple widgets and adding targeting rules.
  • adding a countdown timer to the Coupon X popup
  • scheduling when to show the Coupon X on a specific time, date, and day.
  • adding customer tags to the collected email address and using it for tags targeting.
  • integrating Mailchimp and Klaviyo to collect the leads automatically
  • showing the Coupon X popup when the visitor is about to leave the website.
  • sending the leads to your email address

Excited to try the new Coupon X features?

Please check our easy visual guide on how to send coupon code to email here and how to enable two-step coupon generation here.

You can also explore our knowledge base here to learn more about how to make the most of the Coupon X app.

Final thoughts

In the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce, the importance of discount popups cannot be overstated. These small but powerful tools have the potential to transform casual website visitors into loyal customers. From grabbing attention to boosting conversions, building loyalty, and recovering abandoned carts, discount popups are versatile instruments that enhance the overall success of your website. When implemented thoughtfully and strategically, they become an integral part of your marketing arsenal, contributing to the growth and prosperity of your e-commerce business. One powerful feature that has proven to be effective is the use of discount codes sent directly to customers’ email inboxes – which is now available in the Coupon X app!