Coupon X Wix App

With Coupon X for Wix, you don’t need to know how to code in order to create special pop-ups for your site. 

Coupon X is a user-friendly pop-up builder that allows online stores to improve their conversion. It’s designed to help Wix-based eCommerce businesses to increase sales, grow their leads, and reduce abandoned carts through coupons, discounts, and promo codes!

The highly customizable widget also has a variety of triggers and targeting options that allow users to show pop-ups to specific audiences. After all, a free shipping coupon will definitely get your customer to think twice before abandoning their carts, right?

With Coupon X, you’re able to:
  • Drastically improve sales by enticing customers with exclusive discounts
  • Reduce the rate of cart abandonment by offering special coupon codes
  • Easily create highly customizable widgets that match your brand identity
  • Target the right audience with its range of trigger and targeting options
  • Keep your payment plans flexible, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan if you’re getting more visitors every month

What can you do with Coupon X?

Easily customize your pop-up’s icon, font, color, shape, and size

Sync leads easily with Wix’s Customers tab

Set trigger options like time delay or page scroll

Options to show the coupon, collect customer details, or redirect to another page

Set device availability for better targeting

Choose to display your widget on specific pages and locations

Change where you want the widget to appear on the screen

Customize your call to action with different customization as you prefer

Respect your users’ privacy with a consent checkbox

What do you get in the FREE plan?

  • Display your pop-up in your Wix stores for up to 500 visitors per month (you can always Upgrade)
  • Easily customizable coupon widgets to sync it with your brand identity.
  • Turn visitors into buyers through promos and discounts.
  • Easily collect leads as all submitted emails are synced to your customer list.
  • One-click copy option for discounts and coupons available for your customer’s ease.
  • Choose how you want to show your pop-ups by setting time delays and device availability.
  • Comply with privacy laws by adding a consent checkbox when collecting emails.

What do you get in the PRO plans?

  • Reach even more visitors by displaying your widgets to 10,000 – 50,000 visitors per month (depending on your purchased plan)
  • Show your widget to specific pages, categories, and collections with more triggers & customization
  • Get even more specialized targeting by targeting your pop-ups according to visitor location.
  • Create and implement multiple pop-ups on your Wix store.


All features are included in the free plan except for:

  1. Widget display count reaching up to 10,000 – 50,000 visitors per month.
  2. Ability to create multiple pop-ups
  3. Specific page and country targeting
  4. Specific time and day availability for the pop-ups

Yes! As long as you set your pop-ups to appear on mobile, it will work on mobile! (You can customize as you want them)

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