New feature: Enhance Your Coupon X Popup with Personalised Images

Are you already using Coupon X on your WordPress, Shopify or Wix site? Or perhaps you’re still looking for a product you can use to display a catchy announcement or discount code popup in order to improve your chances to convert visitors into more leads, sales and email subscribers? Coupon X offers an easily customizable solution for every business needs! 

If you are new to Coupon X, make sure you check these two useful blog posts on 13 Ways You Can Boost Sales and Grow Your Client Base with Coupon X and How to Convert Visitors into Sales, Leads and Subscribers with Coupon X for WordPress.

We have just launched a great new functionality so many of our customers have been asking us about for such a long time – the ability to add an image to your popup

Whether you want to add your logo top the popup or decorate it with a background image, this wonderful addition will allow you to enhance your popup and further personalise your widget.

Keep on reading for some ideas on how you can use the add an image to your popup functionality.

But first – let’s briefly cover why images are such a big thing. Media is a great way to add some visual interest to your website and personalise it.

That’s why so many business owners nowadays use images to make an impression when they promote offers or sales, as well as when they want to increase website engagement and educate visitors about their brand. 

Popups on the other hand have become a popular powerful tool for businesses across all industries as they offer a great way to catch people’s attention in today’s fast-paced world. With a variety of eye-catching designs and templates to choose from, a popup can easily be used to achieve marketing and sales goals. 

So, many sure you use images on your website as well as in your popups and in return they will contribute to increase your visitors count, promote social audience, as well as help make more conversions and sales.

Now let’s get onto how to start using images in your popup to make the most of it.

In Coupon X you can choose from 3 layouts – ”Slide-in popup” (a popup that will appear at the corner of your site), ”Lightbox popup” (a popup that will appear at the center of your page) and ”Floating bar” (a full-width tab at the top or bottom of your page). You can also rad more about the different popup layouts in our help desk documentation.

Once you select your layout and personalise your popup texts, it’s time no add your custom image. Make sure you stick with our recommended size of 100px width x 120px height and less than 500 KB for optimal clarity and page speed – and choose its placement from left, right, top and “cover” (meaning full background). We recommend ensuring that you use your own images or stock images to ensure you’re on the safe side of law 😉

If you need any help with setting up the image, make sure you consult our help guide for Shopify and Wix or for WordPress, depending what platform your site is on.

Are you wondering what types of images to use? We suggest beautiful high-quality images, as well as infographics and unique design patterns.

Need some inspiration on how to make the most of it? Discover our recommended use cases below:

#1. Building Brand Identity

Reinforce your brand visual identity by incorporating your logo or other (branded or personalised) images in order to make your brand more easily recognisable and trustworthy.

#2. Holiday campaigns/ greetings

Holiday season is around the corner? Religious holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or your brand’s birthday for example are a great occasion to add thematic festive images in order to connect with visitors on a personal and emotional level during holidays or special occasions.

Image source: Poptin

#3. Engaging Call to Action

Enhance your call to action with an attention-grabbing image (hint: we recommend using some attractive graphic) that prompts visitors to take the desired action.

#4. Showcase of new products or services

Try adding teaser images of new products or arrivals to better introduce your latest products or services, generating more excitement and interest among your audience by offering a visual preview that prompts visitors to explore further.

#5. Elevating Aesthetics

If none of the above feel relevant at the moment, you can incorporate images purely for aesthetic purposes, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your popup and website. We guarantee with our experience that customers are in favour or cohesive brand identity and will appreciate this detail.

Final words:

If you found this inspiring and helpful, we’ll be happy to see you share it with someone who can benefit from it as well. Now go on and give this awesome new feature a try!

If you need more information on how to use Coupon X, please consult our knowledgebase for WordPress or Shopify or Wix, or contact us.

If you’re a free user who wishes to upgrade, follow this link to our website.