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Chaty for WhatsApp

Chaty is an app that allows you to offer your website visitors an easy click-to-chat connection to all the channels you're available on. The best part? All within a single widget, making it easier for your customers to reach you, increasing your chances for conversions and sales. You can use Chaty with more than 20 commonly used channels. One of our clients' favourite channel to use with Chaty is WhatsApp.

Here are some Chaty WhatsApp features we think may be helpful for you - from displaying an on-site popup for easier chat start to benefitting from {title} and {url} merge tags that will help you identify where exactly the client started the chat.

WhatsApp popup

This feature allows you to show an embedded WhatsApp popup where website visitors can conveniently start typing their message and start a conversation with you. Note that once the first message is sent, users will be redirected to chat with you on WhatsApp directly.

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Chaty WhatsApp Popup
Chaty WhatsApp Agent

WhatsApp agents

This feature allows you to add multiple instances of the same channel, such as WhatsApp, to your widget, for example two WhatsApp numbers of two different agents to contact. Clicking on each of the agents will open a different WhatsApp chat with the respective agent. Convenient if you have multiple contacts to be reached.

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Pre-set message for WhatsApp

This feature allows you to add a pre-set message that will be automatically added to the user's message. Benefit from merge tags {title} and {url} to fetch the page title or URL of the page the visitor initiates the chat from. For example, this can be helpful to see what product page the visitor is asking about when they contact you.

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Chaty WhatsApp Pre-set Message
Chaty WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

This feature allows you to select the WhatsApp channel behaviour for desktop users. If this setting is left unchecked, visitors will be redirected to chat with you via the WhatsApp desktop app (if the WhatsApp desktop app is not installed, redirected to WhatsApp Web). If you check to enable it, visitors will be redirected to WhatsApp Web.