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Adding Credibility to Your Business: Top WordPress Testimonial Plugins

While many business owners focus on attracting traffic to their websites, they neglect to gain trust. One way to gain trust is to make use of testimonials on the website.

For a site builder, like WordPress, businesses can utilize WordPress plugins to host testimonials on their websites. 

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With these plugins, you not only build trust in your leads but also sway their conviction on buying your products or services. In this post, we list out some of the best testimonial plugins on WordPress that you can employ to add credibility to your business.

Why Do You Need WordPress Testimonial Plugins?

It is the natural human instinct to be skeptical about a product or service that you haven’t tried before. Look back and try to remember how you reacted to the idea of that product that you can’t do without today. Exactly, you were skeptical about the idea.

You probably took the “leap of faith” because of someone else’s testimony or referral. This is what you get from testimonials. The way to display these testimonials on your website is to make use of testimonial WordPress plugins. Here are some reasons why you need to use these plugins:

Reason 1 – Social Proof

When there is proof of the quality of a product or service, you reduce skepticism to the barest minimum. It creates reassurance in your brand that convinces prospects to spend their money.

People want to know if your product or service will be great for them and worth spending on. With testimonial plugins, you can achieve this.

Reason 2 – Conversions

Are you having trouble convincing your target audience to make a purchase or patronize your service? With testimonial plugins, this will become a thing of the past. Once you can reassure people using the testimonies of others, then you will have the sales conversions you crave.

The team at Mahjong Challenge, for example, featured quotes of users who have had fun playing their games when upselling their subscription service. Upon doing this, they found their conversion rate immediately improved because users were able to see firsthand the value of their games.

Reason 3 – Trust

When people see the testimonials of others, they begin to trust your brand, even if they haven’t tried your product. This is because they can relate to your credibility from the perspective of previous customers. 

Top Testimonial Plugins on WordPress

Before we go ahead, we didn’t place these plugins in any specific order. You can check them out and see which one suits your needs best.

Stars Testimonials

wordpress testimonial plugins

Even though Stars Testimonials has a free plan, each of the packages is worth spending on. There are three different packages, Basic ($19/year), Plus ($39/year), and Agency ($79/year). This plugin makes it easy for you to add testimonials and display them to gain credibility on your website.

The paid plans come with all that you have on the free version and a lot more. Some of the features on the free plan include:

  1. Testimonials with customer image, name, and ratings.
  2. Create widgets having grid layouts and a preferred number of columns.
  3. Select testimonials display and widget colors.
  4. Preview, edit, as well as delete testimonials with ease.
  5. Create shortcodes for the website page without coding.

With the paid plans, you get access to:

  1. A larger array of layouts (these are different from grids).
  2. More color options.
  3. Additional widget styles.
  4. Access to unlimited testimonials.

Active installations: Over 1,000

Average rating: 4.5/5 stars

WP Customer Reviews

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The WP Customer Reviews plugin is another easy to use WordPress plugin and it is completely free. The testimonial plugin comes in a form that makes it easy to customize. With this, you can decide on the testimonial fields that you need to include and the ones you prefer to discard. Built into this plugin are a spam protection option and custom field support.

With WP Customer Reviews, you can display testimonials as widgets. However, to get the best of this plugin, you must insert the different shortcodes that it provides. 

Summary of Important Features

  1. Compatible with WP Multiuser and Multisite.
  2. It comes with several anti-spam measures that protect you from spambots.
  3. Custom fields support.
  4. Allows you to use shortcodes to insert reviews as widgets on your pages.
  5. Works with custom themes and caching plugins.

Active installations: Over 60,000

Average rating: 4.5/5 stars

Testimonials Widget

This is another free WordPress testimonial plugin. However, it has a premium paid version. With this plugin, you can make use of sidebar widgets or shortcodes to add testimonials to your webpages or posts. 

On the free version, you have access to basic features. You can also configure this plugin to display old, recent, or random testimonials. It is possible to filter these testimonials by tags or categories. However, doing all of this requires making use of the available shortcodes.

The Testimonials Widget allows users to edit several settings of all the included fields in each testimonial, quote, or video. The plugin also comes with a transition carousel that adds a fading and sliding animation effect. Its effect works for text, videos, and images. 

Summary of Important Features

  1. Compatible with WP Multisite.
  2. Easy to configure.
  3. Editing options for editors and admins.
  4. Interface for managing testimonials.
  5. Multiple widgets for each post.

With the premium version of the Testimonials Widget, you get advanced features including excerpts, caching, RSS feeds, etc.

Active installations: Over 50,000

Average ratings: 4.5/5 stars

Easy Testimonials

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Easy Testimonials Plugin

Just as the name suggests, this is one of the easiest WordPress plugins to use. The free version of this plugin comes with a landing page or sales page presentation that carries various links and images. With this plugin, testimonials can be displayed on a website as a customized widget.

The testimonials appear as blog posts and you can add statements, reviews, and comments using shortcodes. One of the advantages of this plugin is that it allows you to generate your shortcodes via the settings menu. 

This testimonial plugin comes with a variety of interesting transition effects for widgets. The free version of Easy Testimonials comes with 4 free themes. On the paid version, you have access to over 75 well-designed themes along with awesome styling options. 

Summary of Important Features

  1. Highly customizable design.
  2. Adds images to testimonials easily.
  3. Supports the use of excerpts.
  4. Highly compatible with WP Multisite.
  5. Advanced transition options for testimonials

Active installations: 80,000

Average rating: 4.0/5 stars

Testimonial Rotator

This plugin is one of the more flexible testimonial WordPress plugins in this post. The plugin has a free and premium version. The advanced features in the premium version, are sold as themes. This gives the user access to the themes when there is a need to alter the look of testimonials.

Just like all the other testimonial plugins on this list, Testimonial Rotator allows you to create your testimonials as custom posts. As such, you can add them to your webpages by using shortcodes making the process easy and quick. Among the most attractive features of this plugin are its transitions and animations. This helps to showcase testimonials more attractively to attract the attention of visitors to your website.

The free version of this plugin has two themes with an array of transition options to choose from. You can unlock several advanced options in the premium version of the plugin. It also allows you to customize display options using custom templates.

Summary of Important Features

  1. Custom templates.
  2. Capacity to add your testimonials to several rotators.
  3. Management of rotator settings.
  4. Dedicated author info field.

Active installations: Over 40,000

Average ratings: 4.5/5 stars

Conclusion: WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Above you have several testimonial WordPress plugins to choose from. There are several more on the market. It is important to consider the features and functionalities of these plugins to see which suits your business. What other testimonial plugins do you know?

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