LiveAgent Alternatives: Five Best Chat Apps for Small Businesses

LiveAgent Alternatives: Five Best Chat Apps for Small Businesses

When it comes to instant chat notifications and messaging, LiveAgent is one of the best tools for many small businesses. It has features that can make even the most organized spreadsheet jealous. 

From convenient help desk software to customizable chat widgets, there’s a lot this leading platform offers to clients. You can also rely on it for real-time customer support. However, it’s not the cheapest option in town. 


LiveAgent chat app

Sure, there’s a forever-free plan. Still, if you want the VIP treatment, be ready to fork out $49 per agent per month.

Ticket creation is also a bit like solving a puzzle. The absence of chatbot features complicates matters. LiveAgent’s many shortcomings are reasons why new businesses are switching to cheaper alternatives.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing An Alternative

Before marching into the world of LiveAgent alternatives, let’s get a game plan. Think of it as choosing the perfect sidekick for your business adventure.

  • Scalability

Can your chosen alternative grow with you? Select an alternative that changes and adapts to your demands. A good LiveAgent alternative will offer flexible features without breaking the bank. 

  • Ease of Use

Time is money, my friend. Choose something that doesn’t demand a PhD in software navigation. Your business has enough challenges; your live chat app shouldn’t be one of them.

  • Integration Capabilities

The more, the merrier. Check if your alternative plays nicely with your existing tools. It should be able to connect with third-party apps, such as Zoom, Slack, Trello, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. 

  • Pricing

Look for an alternative that gives you all the bells and whistles without draining your bank account. Your wallet will be thankful.

  • Customer Satisfaction

This one’s a no-brainer. What are other users saying? Check reviews on different platforms to find honest opinions. Take things a step further by reaching out to past clients for testimonials.

The Five Best LiveAgent Alternatives in 2023 

Chat apps do more than just reply to website visitors. They’re the secret sauce to personalized customer support and efficient team collaboration. While LiveAgent is a popular choice for many businesses, more and more people are turning to cheaper alternatives with advanced features. 

  1. Chatway 
LiveAgent alternative Chatway

Picture this: a messaging app where multiple agents can tag-team on customer queries simultaneously. 

Welcome to Chatway, where Facebook Messenger and email join forces with an on-chat bar for seamless interaction. Team collaboration is the name of the game here. Share notes, assign tasks, and dive deep into customer conversation histories. 

The best part is that it’s all free for now. Chatway feels generous and throws in all its features without asking for a dime. We love a good freebie, don’t we? 

There’s more in the pipeline. Enjoy automated FAQs, more integrations than you can shake a stick at, and detailed analytics for the data nerds. Businesses will also appreciate the knowledge base and multilingual support. Oh, and let’s not forget the AI writer. Who has time to draft responses manually?

Price Plans

Here’s the kicker – Chatway is promising to introduce paid plans down the road. However, don’t worry; it has your back with a free forever plan. Talk about a win-win!

  1. Chaty 
wordpress chat plugin Chaty

The next on the list of LiveAgent alternatives is Chaty. It doesn’t just support a bunch of apps. We’re talking over 20 integrations, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Your visitors can connect with you on their terms, making communication a breeze.

Have you ever wished your site had those cool chat buttons? Chaty lets you add them like it’s a walk in the park. Unlimited channels? Check. Analytics that spill the tea on click rates and visitors? Double-check.

The software lets you choose a chat popout layout, edit it, and design it to your heart’s content. Merge tags and titles however you want. Use the advanced widgets for hyper-targeting. You can tweak things for specific languages, pages, or anything that suits your fancy.

Price Plans

Are you curious about the pricing? If you’re ready to level up, there are three paid plans to choose from:

  • Basic Plan: $15/month – perfect for those starting out but aiming for greatness.
  • Pro Plan: $39/month – a sweet spot for growing businesses with a hunger for features.
  • Growth Plan: $79/month – the big leagues. It’s ideal for those scaling up and reaching for the stars.

Chaty also offers a sign-up process that won’t cost you a cent. Plus, it has a 30-day refund policy – no strings attached. Try Chaty for free here

  1. Zendesk
LiveAgent alternative Zendesk chat app

Zendesk is not your average Joe. It’s all about automation – think instant messaging, AI bots, and effortlessly tackling FAQs. Imagine your support team having more time to focus on the complex stuff while Zendesk handles the nitty-gritty.

You can escalate tickets seamlessly, ensuring your customers get the attention they deserve. Zendesk empowers you to be the guru of your domain.

On top of that, the software lets you launch Zoom meetings with clients effortlessly. Integration is the name of the game, and Zendesk plays it well. Connect with Zoom, Trello, Slack – you name it!

Price Plans 

At the moment, Zendesk offers three price plans:

  • Suite Team: $49/agent/month – perfect for teams ready to conquer the customer support world.
  • Suite Growth: $79/agent/month – the sweet spot for those expanding empires and craving a bit more oomph.
  • Suite Professional: $99/agent/month – suitable for the pros aiming for unparalleled support excellence.

Regardless of the plan you choose, Zendesk takes your customer support game up a notch. 

  1. Intercom
Intercom help desk solution

This LiveAgent alternative lets you connect with customers on a whole new level. Whether they’re on your website, in-app, or on mobile, Intercom ensures the conversation never stops.

Edit and add images, videos, and interactive posts to create a dynamic chat experience that keeps your customers engaged. You can also add messenger popout buttons and WordPress chat plugins on every blog post. Invite readers to dive into meaningful discussions right then and there.

Ever thought about creating product tours? Intercom makes it a breeze. Take your customers on a journey through your services.

Live analytics give you real-time insights into how your audience is engaging, helping you tailor your approach for maximum impact. Intercom also lets you customize logos, colors, and fonts of the help center, creating a seamless extension of your brand identity.

Price Plans 

Currently, this software offers four plans catering to different enterprise sizes:

  • Start Plan: $59/month – perfect for those dipping their toes into the customer engagement pool.
  • Grow Plan: $119/month – a sweet spot for businesses looking to expand their customer reach.
  • Accelerate Plan: $499/month – the power play for those ready to accelerate customer interactions.
  • Scale Plan: $999/month – recommended for large enterprises seeking top-notch engagement.

Let’s address the elephant in the room – Intercom isn’t the cheapest player in the game. However, Intercom could be your golden ticket if you’re ready to invest in a top-tier messaging experience.

  1. JitBit
JitBit help desk solution

Our last on the list of LiveAgent alternatives is JitBit. With ticket tagging and a knowledge base at your fingertips, you can tackle issues with ninja-like precision. 

Agents can also filter tickets like pros. No more drowning in a sea of requests. Monitor and manage company assets seamlessly, ensuring everything is where it should be. 

JitBit isn’t just about solving problems; it prevents them, too. Publish FAQs and offer support across all integrated apps. Your customers get the answers they need.

Price Plans

Cater to a global audience by choosing any of the four paid plans below:

  • Freelancer Plan: $29/month – an absolute steal for freelancers looking to level up their customer support game.
  • Startup Plan: $69/month – suitable for budding businesses ready to make their mark.
  • Company Plan: $129/month – a solid choice for growing companies with expanding support needs.
  • Enterprise Plan: $249/month – perfect for large enterprises looking for top-tier support solutions.

Viewing ticket history and managing customer support has never been this easy. JitBit lays it out in a way that’s crystal clear. No more digging through endless threads. 


We’ve taken a rollercoaster ride exploring some stellar LiveAgent alternatives, and now it’s time to tie it all together. The success of your business lies in selecting a live chat solution that matches your requirements. 

Whether you have a startup or a growing company, Chatway has the tools and flexibility to meet your needs. You can enjoy all its premium features for free by signing up here. What could be better than that?