How to Generate High-Quality Leads Using Floating Contact Forms on Landing Pages

Floating contact forms on landing pages are some of the best quality leads. They have actively given you information.

It’s essential to be able to follow up on these leads. There are a variety of traffic sources to lead to a potential sale from organic and paid traffic. 

How can you generate high-quality leads from your landing page?

There are many different places to generate high-quality leads for your business.

There’s Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.  Even TikTok Influencers are gaining large followings and generating leads. It’s essential to bring the right customer over to your landing page.

You can leverage floating contact forms to follow up with your potential customers. 

The Importance Of Floating Contact Forms

Why Use Floating Contact Forms?

Floating Contact Forms are one of the best ways to get information about a potential customer. They may have a specific question, and you can reach out to them for a potential sale. You can adjust what you ask for depending on your business. 

It’s typical to ask for an email address. You can add a phone number if you have a dedicated sales team. It’s essential to follow up with leads to make a sale and provide good customer service. 

  • The telephone field can cause 37% abandonment, but labeling the telephone field “optional” can double conversions.
  • 57% of marketers use a CRM for lead storage. Forty-eight percent report use an email marketing tool for storage, and 43.6% report using spreadsheets.

When you have more fields, it can lead to people avoiding the contact form. If you require phone numbers, it will lead to a higher quality lead. They were willing to talk to you on the phone. It will be fewer leads in your email, so adding an optional feature for the telephone can drastically improve your results. 

Look at using a CRM or an Email Service Provider to hold your leads. If you need their phone numbers stick with the CRM; otherwise, you can use an email service provider. 

Check Out Premio for Your Floating Contact Forms

Premio has a floating contact form for WordPress users and Shopify users called My Sticky Elements. You can go on their website to become a member. They have tutorials to help you get started. Premio will include other sticky elements like floating social icons. It’s responsive and customizable to your preferences. 

The main benefits of having a floating contact form:

  • Visitors can ask questions about your product or service.
  • You can prequalify your leads to be of the highest quality. 
  • Your leads can be stored in an email service provider or a CRM for follow-up. 

Consider your highest quality leads and how to convert them. If you are looking to prequalify leads for a potential sale, contact forms are some of the ways to add a personal touch and work with the highest quality leads. 

Starting on the Top Part of a Marketing Funnel

Get the Right People On to Your Landing Page

Conversions are what lead to sales. It’s essential to be able to bring people to the top of the funnel. Social media platforms, search engines like Google, and an email list can draw people to your landing page. Based on the landing page, it can lead to someone utilizing the contact form.

You can get traffic from multiple platforms. Consider if content creation or paid traffic will work best for bringing people to your landing page. In all cases, everyone should have an email list since it provides some of the best return on investment. 

Case Study on The Organising Platform: Leveraging Instagram


Adam and Chelsea used Instagram to get people to their eCommerce store. Their store helped people organize and declutter their homes. By building up an Instagram following, they leveraged their traffic to their eCommerce landing page. 

Building Quality Leads for Using Floating Contact Forms on Landing Pages:

  • Create a following of people on a platform (example: social media. 
  • Bring people to your Landing Page
  • Get people to buy your products or reach you through the Floating Contact Form

Building a following of people on a social media platform can generate high-quality leads. They are familiar with you, and it can lead to a sale. Leverage the floating contact forms to connect with people who need some clarification before buying your products or services. 

Including a CTA to Point to The Contact Form

Your CTA Can Point People to the Contact Form


CTAs are some of the best ways to convert more visitors. If you are looking to get more in-depth information about a potential customer, you can leverage a floating contact form to get their contact information 

Putting a CTA on the bottom of your article can lead to an increase in conversions. Having a call to action increases the chance that it will lead to a sale.

Case Study on Colors and CTA

Colors display your brand and give a different feeling. Using colors that are complementary or triadic gives the most prominent contrast. Try having a complementary or triadic color for your brand colors. Color can increase brand recognition by 80%

Colors can have a drastic effect on a person buying a product or service. There is research that states that color increases brand recognition. By creating contrasting colors for your floating contact form, you can encourage people to reach out on your landing page. 

Building an Email List of High-Quality Leads

Following up with Leads Can Turn Them Into High-Quality Leads Over Time


Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads from your floating contact forms. You can follow up with clients through email and then send them to a landing page to make a sale. 

A floating contact form can get important information for you to follow up on potential leads. Leveraging content and other helpful information can lead to a potential sale. Following up with potential leads by email can make a drastic impact on building them up to be high-quality leads. 

Email Service Providers Will Help You Send Automated Emails

An email service provider can send automated emails over time. Some email service providers will visually set up your email sequences. Depending on how you generated them as a lead, you can have them go through different email sequences.

Lower quality leads can be built up with helpful information and content. More quality leads can be pitched with quality offers from your company. 

  • An Email Service Provider will automate your emails.
  • You can direct visitors to a specific email list. 
  • Later, you can redirect potential leads for a landing page that sells something.

Using an automated email sequence is where big revenue numbers are achieved for many online platforms.  

For instance, if you were an organization that built and sold online courses, you could get prospects to sign up to your email list through your content marketing efforts by offering a free checklist to help them with a specific problem they may have. 

From there, you could use an automated email sequence to get them interested in your course as a better solution to their problem and once they get a course, you could then upsell them into another course as well. 

Emails are a powerful tool to follow up with leads. You can build leads into higher-quality leads by having them go through an email sequence. 

Paid Traffic Options to Generate High-Quality Leads 

Google and Facebook Ads for Leads

(Image Source)

Google and Facebook Ads can target precisely the type of leads you want. Google focuses on keywords. Someone has some intent when they are typing in a keyword. Facebook Ads operate by connecting with people that have displayed some interest. 

Online ads can lead to high-quality leads for your landing page. Both Google and Facebook will be able to generate better leads for you over time. You’ll be able to find strategies to target your ideal audience for your business. 

Leveraging Social Media Influencers to Generate High-Quality Leads


Social media influencers have been a growing trend. Influencers have built up a sizable following of people interested in their content. A lot of influencers will partner with businesses on doing promotions or an activity. There will usually be a link to 

  • Connect with social media influencers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or other social media platforms.
  • Reach out to see if they will do a shoutout for your product.
  • These leads can offer high-quality leads for your landing pages. 

Social media influencers are becoming a growing trend for businesses to generate high-quality leads. They can influence a significant return on investment. If you set up an affiliate program with them, they can sell your product after a customer has purchased or a product from you. 


High-quality leads come from a multitude of sources. They can be paid traffic or organic sources of traffic. Sending leads to a landing page can give potential customers information about your brand and products. 

A high-converting landing page can generate leads for your business. Consider a floating contact form that captures these leads. 

Check out Premio for an excellent floating contact form on WordPress and Shopify. They have excellent support and a growing community of users that are generating some of the highest-quality leads. 

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