How do I move an image to a folder?

There are two ways you can move images to folders: using the grid view or using the list view.

Grid view

  1. Change to grid view
  2. Left-click on one of the images and drag it to any of the folders
  3. When you drag it over the folders, you’ll see the your selected folder is highlighted in blue
  4. When you release the image in the folder, the counter will increase by 1 (or more if you move more than one image). In our example the counter increased from 1 to 2.

List view

  1. Change to list view
  2. The image-moving process is the same as in grid view, the only difference is the way you select the image. To move individual images, just click on the dragging icon and drag the image to any folder
  3. To move more than one image, select the images by clicking on the check-boxes, and then use the global dragging icon

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