Best Mobile App Landing Page Templates For Your Business

Why do you need a beautiful landing page for your app? 

Quite a simple answer, to get more app downloads.

Penetration of smartphones and wide access to the Internet has shifted people’s focus to mobility solutions. Besides, businesses are also trying to target mobile users in order to boost sales, generate revenue, and stay connected with them.

Regardless of business size and type, every business is now having an app for its customers. The mobile application market is becoming competitive with time and there are hundreds of players who die every day without enjoying success. Promoting your app has become a difficult task, especially when you are a novice.

Now imagine for a while, 

You have a wonderful app, you have integrated all the features, it functions well, but how would people know about your app and its features? Well, you need to create a stunning landing page that helps you promote your app across the web and increase downloads. 

Here, you can see more than 67% of brands are having landing pages for their business. The simple logic behind creating a landing page is to get generic traffic to your app. And it focuses only on one goal that is to get maximum app downloads.

All you need to choose is the best landing page template that thrives for better conversion and gives you the best results. Therefore, it has become more crucial for you to get started with the best landing page template.

There are hundreds of various landing page templates, keep an eye out for the ultimate features that the best template should consist of. 

Why Landing Page is Crucial for Your App’s Success 

You may have already published your app in major stores like App Store and Play Store.

You may have developed a website dedicated to highlighting all the features of your app. You may also have an active presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But do you have an appealing landing page? 

If NO, you should have one. 

The mobile app landing page is developed to carry out promotional activities of your mobile app. It should contain all features of your app and value proposition so that users are attracted to download the app.

According to BlogWizard, here is the snapshot and you can see up to 5% of your total mail list traffic comes through an attractive landing page. Apart from the app promotion, many small business owners are developing landing pages with ready-made templates to establish their online presence. 

Especially eCommerce and online delivery business owners don’t intend to waste their time building a website or landing page from scratch; instead, they use a readymade or customized website builder for restaurant as it comes with powerful features, all they have to customize it as per their business requirements. 

Having a clutter-free landing page is indispensable for your app’s success and offers several unmatched benefits such as

  • It generates leads
  • Increase app installs
  • Give your offers a boost
  • Understand buyer personas
  • Fuel other marketing channels 

Overall, landing pages can perform better than “normal websites” since they are built for a specific goal. 

According to HubSpot, brands with 31-40 landing pages generate seven times more leads than those who have less than five pages. 

You might think that once you publish the application on mainstream stores such as App Store and Play Store, perform ASO, and that’s it. Will you get enough downloads? NO.

Truth be told, you will need a well-designed landing page to grow your customer base. This is the reason that every app needs a stunning and minimalistic landing page. 

Best Landing Page Templates

Now you understand the importance of having a landing page for your application. When it comes to promoting your app online, a well-designed landing page helps you increase app installs quickly.

Now the question is you lack technical knowledge and want to create a landing page within an hour, what to do? 

Don’t worry, we have here the best ready-made landing page templates that can help you make a “beautiful” landing page without any trouble. Here we go. 


Let’s start our list with one of the best landing page templates Mosto. Yes, Mosto is one of the most used templates as it offers all superlative features that one might look for in the best template.

Moreover, Mosto is not ideal for one or two product or business types, it is suitable for all kinds of products such as software, apps, food, eCommerce, retailers, small businesses and the list goes on. 

Mosto helps you display your products and services in a beautiful manner and entice users to download your app. It offers you 60 homepage selections, almost 90 inner pages, and comes with 16 blog page options. In addition, it also has some in-built features such as social media, chatbots, contact forms, galleries, and even error pages. It means you will get it all in one basket.  

Mosto is already speed optimized, has cross-platform compatibility, and comes with modern marketing features. Do you need anything else than this for your app? Perhaps NO, then get started with Motso and experience a sudden hike in app downloads. 

Pop Top- 2 Col

Pop-top is a multipurpose landing page template that would be used by many companies. With its fascinating style and eccentric designs, Pop-top is one of the best templates that entice user attention and help you make an effective landing page for your app without any technical skill. 

From content management to contact form to image display, everything is organized in such a way that grabs customer’s attention and encourages them to stay on the page and read the entire message. Because of these modern features, brands using this landing page in multiple ways such as:

  • Subscriptions
  • Upselling services
  • Free add-on or app 

You can have this beautiful template from either HubSpot or ThemeForest. You can view a demo and directly get started with it, after all, it’s all about app conversions. 


We all are aware of the fact how eCommerce and the online business market are booming. There are a plethora of eCommerce apps in the market.

Now getting optimum downloads for your application can be a daunting task but if there is a Flatsome, you don’t worry about the promotion and downloads, it has everything. 

landing page templates

Flatsome is one of the popular eCommerce landing page templates available for free. It is frequently updated and comes with all modern features, this is why it has more than 60,000 registered users since its launch.

Moreover, it offers dedicated community support plus if your business’s website is built using WordPress, it’s cherry on the cake. All you need to do is download the plugin and you are done. 

It is 100% responsive and does not require coding skills. All you need to drag and drop various functions, probably this is why Flatsome is popular.

Flatsome contains nice parallax effects, social media integration, and special fields to invite subscribers. What else do you need to attract users to your app? 


The next addition to our list is Appsite. Yes, Appsite is another incredible landing page template that is best suitable for digital and technology products. Apart from its features, this template comes with an engaging interface that helps you stand ahead of your rivals. 

landing page templates

Appsite includes more than 14 home page styles, fully responsive, can allow you to set content based on the screen size, and also offers certain premium facilities such as a blog, contact details, app download icons, and much more. And one thing you might be interested to know that makes the Appsite template different from others is you either opt for dark mode or light mode for your landing page.

Perhaps, everything you need from amazing designs to important components to icons to fields to cross-browser compatibility, Appsite is one that is worth a try. 


We end our list with another popular and flexible landing page template, Dostart. Dostart is another stunning option for you when it comes to the design of a landing page as it is clean, flawless, and modern in its own way. It is responsive and pixel perfect that encourages your audience to install your app. It is ideal for almost all niches such as startups, apps, digital products, hotel businesses, promotion websites, services pages, or even for websites.

Furthermore, Dostart comes with all enticing features such as is integrated with bootstrap 4, contains SCSS file, offers almost 18 home page styles, google fonts, and is compatible with all browsers. Get the desired outcomes for your landing page for your business app only with Dostart.   

The Best Landing Page Convert Users

So, above are some best landing page templates you can use for your app at an effective price. Design plays a crucial role when you create a landing page.

Along with that, content, navigation, fonts, CTAs, etc are other components that push your users to download your app. If your landing page fails to impress customers, it will ruin your image and your app might not get enough positive response. 

A captivating landing page is the first step you could ever take towards launching a successful app.

If your app still does not have an appealing landing page, don’t you think you are losing potential customers and downloads?

Yes, you are. Wake up and get started with the above templates. 

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