14+ Best WordPress CRM Plugins For Small Businesses in 2021

Are you finding it challenging to manage data, nurture leads, convert prospects into paying customers, and hit your quota?

Well, the apt solution here is to implement a feature-rich CRM software. 

  • CRM has the potential to accelerate revenue by 41% per sales personnel
  • 75% of the sales managers said that CRM software could be a beneficial tool in boosting sales figures.
  • CRM offers an average ROI of $2.50 to $5.60 for every dollar spent
  • Sales teams observed a 15% increase in productivity on implementing a CRM mobile app
  • 65% of the sales professionals who used mobile CRM could hit their sales quota.

The above statistics speak volumes about the capabilities of CRM. However, you can make this CRM more powerful with a WordPress plugin. 

With WordPress CRM plugins, you can integrate customer relationship management into your website and leverage many benefits. 

Source: athemes.com

With WordPress CRM plugins, you can streamline data, strengthen customer relationships, save time, boost productivity, and do many more things that can help in taking small businesses to the next level. 

We’ll get to that in a moment, but let us remind you first that if you’re looking for new WordPress plugins, you’re probably also getting into other tools, like SaaS software, etc. These can bloom out of control without a tracking system to manage your IT, even if your business is small.

No plugin alone can save you if you’re overloaded with time-sucking tools, missing expiration dates, or need to consolidate all the software you’re using. Okay, with that said, let’s get into those CRM plugins!

How to choose the best WordPress CRM plugin 

Thankfully, you won’t face trouble finding a WordPress CRM plugin as there are many available in the market. 

However, not all will meet your unique business needs. Besides, there will be some functionalities that your small business won’t even need. 

So how to choose the best B2B CRM plugin for your small business? 

You need to start by analyzing your small business needs. Make a list of the essential functionalities that your small business needs. 

Below are a few things you must look at while choosing a WordPress CRM plugin.

  • A contact capture system with form builders
  • Automation to ease your work
  • A clear interface to save time
  • Activity log and note-taking capabilities
  • Smart tags and filters to quickly find whatever you need
  • A clear pipeline view to manage your deals effectively 

Best WordPress CRM Plugins in 2021

To help you, we have created a list of the top 14 WordPress CRM plugins used by small businesses worldwide. 

1. GetResponse

Directly add site visitors to your contact list with GetResponse for WordPress. With streamlined contact information, you can easily prospect and fill your pipeline with quality leads. 

One way to do that is to use Premio’s Subscribe Forms WordPress plugin that can be easily integrated into your GetResponse CRM account. This plugin lets you easily create forms and add them to your website to collect valuable contacts from potential buyers. With this, you can seamlessly manage and nurture connections with leads.

Source: Premio’s Subscribe Forms

2. Salesmate CRM

Adding new leads to a CRM isn’t a hectic process anymore. Directly capture leads from your WordPress website using Salesmate CRM WordPress Plugin and fill your pipeline with lucrative opportunities. 

Salesmate CRM is the child plugin (add-on) of the Gravity Form Plugin. So when your website visitor fills a form, Salesmate CRM will automatically fetch data and create a deal or contact as per the set criteria.

WordPress CRM Plugins
Source: slideshare.net

So no manual efforts are needed. Besides, all information will be systematically streamlined in Salesmate CRM.

With all data in one place and a clear pipeline view, you can easily manage and close more deals in less time.

Moreover, with its insightful reports, you can level up your sales game. 

3. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

As a small business wouldn’t it be wonderful if you get a full CRM experience in the dashboard of your WordPress site. Well, through WooCommerce CRM (customer relationship manager) plugin, this is possible. 

WordPress CRM Plugins
Source: youtube.com

You can not only manage your contact information but also track orders, send emails, add customer notes, and do much more straight from the WordPress admin.

You can also use various WooCommerce plugins to enhance the user experience of your eCommerce store and increase your sales. So you save a lot of valuable time to plan new strategies for your eCommerce store. 

4. DX Sales CRM 

Tracking down details for each contact gets easier when your leads and contacts are stored in the location.

With DX Sales CRM, a WordPress CRM plugin, you can effectively manage your contacts and even easily track the number of sales you will close in the future.

It is an excellent plugin with unparalleled power and usefulness. Easily create detailed customer contact records using this plugin and even get progress reports of the deals to act in real-time. 

5. WordPress CRM Plugin

Have a hassle-free experience by using a fully-featured CRM that goes right into your WordPress Dashboard. 

With the WordPress CRM plugin, you can directly manage contacts, tasks, and projects from WordPress’s admin area.

This plugin integrates with a comprehensive collection of premium addons. This plugin can be used in English, Russian, Spanish, etc. So people speaking different languages won’t face any problem. 

6. HubSpot

Looking for a growth platform that allows you to attract, engage, and delight customers. Then HubSpot’s WordPress plugin is the best solution for you. 

Source: hubspot.com

Effortlessly connect your WordPress website with HubSpot CRM and easily capture, manage, and convert leads.

Thanks to this plugin, all interaction will be logged in Hubspot so you can know what the users did on your website.

Besides, the interactions and communications will be updated in real-time so you don’t have to make changes manually. 

Also, as a product Hubspot has a wide range of integrations with other services. You can effortlessly integrate Hubspot and Stripe or another payment provider.

7. Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the famous CRM trusted by small and big enterprises. Now it even has a Web-to-lead for Salesforce plugin.

Using the CRM plugin you can say goodbye to the arduous task of copy and pasting contact information. 

The plugin allows you to capture leads through your WordPress and store them as contacts directly in your Salesforce account. You can improve efficiency and productivity through Salesforce that has visual workflows and file syncing capabilities.  


If you are looking for a solution that provides you CRM, HRM, and accounting solutions, all on one platform, then you need to explore the WP ERP plugin.

It is a full suite of tools, so you can expand upon your CRM and even bring your resource planning into one WordPress Dashboard.

Therefore, through this plugin, you receive a CRM and many other modules for recruitment, accounting, human resources, etc.

Moreover, the CRM offers options for personalizing the customer life cycle for each client to establish and maintain healthy relationships. 

9. Zoho CRM

Zoho is another well-known name in the CRM industry. It doesn’t have an official WordPress plugin.

However, many third-party WordPress plugins can help you integrate with this cost-effective yet advanced Zoho CRM.

Source: zoho.com

The WordPress plugin links Zoho CRM to the Contact Form 7 plugin, it becomes easier to sync your contact for submissions with the CRM. So whenever a form is submitted, the contact information gets automatically logged in Zoho CRM. 

10. UpiCRM

UpiCRM is a standalone tool. It is a simple WordPress plugin apt for small businesses. 

Customer data can effortlessly be fetched and stored in UpiCRM with the WordPress plugin. You can easily collect leads from multiple websites and assign them to your sales teams at the right time. 

11. Presspoint

Presspoint is an all-in-one solution and a premium WordPress plugin. You can find several helpful features on one single platform.

Using this plugin, you can do a lot more beyond just capturing and storing customer data. It provides email automation along with several other functions like opportunity management, customer forms, and also e-commerce. 

Yes, it is a premium plugin, but it is a cent percent native and robust WordPress solution. Presspoint has a simple interface that seamlessly blends with WordPress, making it easy to use and navigate. 

12. WP Smart CRM & Invoices FREE

More is always better. WP smart CRM & Invoice Free WordPress plugin is more than a standard CRM with an impressive conglomeration of office and business management tools. It is a perfect plugin for a small business that aims to grow. 

This intuitive plugin even serves as a to-do list and invoicing system, allowing small businesses to manage multiple tasks from a single dashboard.

If you need both a CRM and invoicing tool on your WordPress Dashboard, then this is the right plugin for you.

13. Ukuu People

Ukuu People is a detailed standalone WordPress plugin that you can rely on for effectively managing your contacts from a master list. 

It gives the flexibility to segment your contacts into groups and monitors interactions through “TouchPoints”.

This WordPress CRM plugin comes with many advanced functions and integration with other important business apps, making it ideal for small businesses who wish to use WordPress as a CRM. 

14. vCita CRM

Are you finding it challenging to generate new sales opportunities? Well, vCita is the best CRM tool that can be of great help. 

It integrates with WordPress so it is an ideal solution for business working with a WordPress site. With this advanced solution, you can embrace new sales opportunities, track interaction, gain, and do a lot more. 

15. WSDesk

WSDesk is one of the top WordPress Helpdesk Plugins, with features like unlimited tickets and agents, email piping, auto-assigning tickets, email filtering & blocking, triggers & automation, canned responses, optimized reports, agents satisfaction rating, and customer feedback, among others.

Unlike other SaaS-based plugins, WSDesk does not keep your data in the cloud; instead, it stores all of your data locally. The plugin can also be customized to meet your specific needs and you can even convert unanswered emails to trackable tickets using IMAP or Google OAuth if you have a dedicated email address for your domain.

We would definitely recommend this plugin to anyone struggling to keep up with multiple inboxes and channels of communication.

Benefits of Using WordPress CRM Plugins

WordPress CRM plugin can make your life a lot easier. There are many benefits of using the right WordPress CRM plugin. 

  • You can save time and boost productivity. 
  • You don’t have to toggle between applications.
  • You can manage your sales and various other business processes more efficiently. 
  • You can understand and respond to customer needs in real-time.
  • You’ll receive detailed insights to make conclusive decisions on your CRM.


WordPress CRM plugin helps in empowering your small business. You just need to analyze your business needs and choose the right plugin for your business.

With the WordPress plugin, you can save time and boost productivity.

We hope the above list will make your work easier and help you select the best fit for your small business.