How to Automatically Share WordPress Posts to Social Media 

Social media has become a hub of customers looking for trending products on different pages. Running your WooCommerce store and waiting for the customers to visit will not bring enough traffic.

It is vital that you increase your products’ exposure through multiple channels, notably social media. Trust me; it is a complicated objective to achieve if you are attempting to get traffic on your website for the first time.

To promote your products or any website content, share it on social media because it’s the ideal process. However, designing and implementing a social sharing strategy may become a resource-intensive undertaking. But there are multiple tools and methods to enable WordPress auto post to social media. 

If you go through this article, you’ll easily learn how you can Automatically Share WordPress Posts to Social Media. 

Some Amazing Social Media Facts 

  • Currently, the biggest social media Facebook has 2.89 billion monthly active users, and it’s still growing. So, it has a vast potential for eCommerce businesses that can gain many customers. 
  • Another giant, Twitter’s monthly active user, is 330 million till 2019. 
  • According to CNBC employees, Instagram’s monthly active users are 2 billion
  • Pinterest had 444 million monthly active users globally as of the third quarter of 2021.

I hope you’ve already understood the point behind sharing these stats. Yes, all these stats show that you have a huge opportunity to expose your products to a large audience. Social media will surely enhance traffic volume, conversion, and sales if you do it the right way. 

We will gradually move to WordPress auto post to social media process. If you’re still not convinced about the importance of automatically sharing WordPress content to social media, consider the following facts:

  • If you are posting content manually, you are lacking behind. By the time you are posting manually, your competitors are moving fast and gaining more by auto-posting. 
  • If you are multi-tasking, you might miss sharing the most engaging content or post that could bring you more traffic.  But with WordPress auto post to social media, you will miss nothing. Instead, you can sheer one-time effort and schedule all the posts simultaneously. 
  • With WordPress plugins in your domain, you can easily do it the easy way. 

With all these facts in mind, let’s learn how to enable WordPress auto post to social media. But before that, let’s learn the benefits that auto-posting in social media can bring you. 

Benefits of Sharing WordPress Posts to Social Media Automatically

Since your customers, you, and marketers are lurking around social media to promote or find products. So, multiple benefits are waiting for you in social media, which you have to collect with the right strategy. 

No one knows about you or your eCommerce site without sharing your content on social media. Additionally, there are more benefits which are mentioned below: 

Increased Traffic 

According to the data above, social networking websites are among the most popular platforms globally. That implies you can use social media to attract a lot of traffic to your website. People will click on your link and go on your site if you publish an exceptional piece that is valuable to them. Are you hoping for more people to discover your content? If this is the case, you must share.

On top of that, if your post is popular and goes viral, your brand will become famous in no time. You go from being a little-known newbie to an internet celebrity in the blink of an eye.

Brand Recognition and Visibility 

If I’m not wrong, your WordPress auto post to social media objective is to uphold your brand recognition and visibility. Since you will auto-post on social media to promote your brand and product, it will spread rapidly and effectively. Your brand will be recognized easily by your targeted audience in a short period. 

Community Building With your Brand

Social media is the best place to build a community around your brand. You need to create a group for your brand and then keep your customer by posting content according to their preference. 

Posting content on a group or page is not the only task. You also have to collect your customers’ feedback, identify their problems, and then provide solutions according to their needs. When you provide them with a proper solution, your brand identity will emerge automatically. 

Getting More Sales With More Leads 

Let’s not expect that every customer will visit your site, and you’ll make sales. This is because you may have tried many marketing approaches but haven’t tried WordPress auto-post to social media. Therefore, you are lacking behind in getting enough customers through social media. 

All you need to do is post your content, and yes, according to schedule using auto-post. The frequent post reflects your willingness to serve customers. It also catches the mind of those who are constantly searching for the product niche you are offering. In one way or another, you will get sales with your posts. 

With WooCommerce product feed, you can get more leads and more sales in multiple channels, including social media. But what’s the purpose of utilizing a product feed plugin? Is it only for the purpose of transferring your product data to marketing channels? No, you also have to create ads after transferring the data. 

To promote your ads in social media, you must employ WordPress auto post to social media. With this approach, you are promoting ads organically and in paid format. Ultimately, your leads will skyrocket with a combined strategy. 

Climb Up The Search Engine Rankings 

Climb up the ladder, and we are referring to the rankings on a search engine that holds the top positions. Well, by posting on social media, you are linking your website. With that, you are building a connection also by sharing your post. 

  • Most of the popular pages on social media sites are getting high domain authority. So, sharing content on social media also exposes your website in search engines. 
  • Like, comments, shares, retweets, pins are the social signal for a search engine. The more signal you spread, the more search engine appearance you get. Ultimately, more traffic on your basket. 

All these benefits are only a few to help you why we are making so much noise. Now let’s learn how to automatically share your WordPress posts to social media. 

Share Your WordPress Posts to Social Media

You can follow several methods to share your content on social media. You may use WordPress plugins or extensions or simply utilize the built-in settings. But if you know how to combine the two ways that we mentioned, you can increase the number of your visitors. 

Let’s explore these methods to make these concepts alive and begin sharing.

Connect Your Social Media Accounts to Jetpack’s Publicize Plugin 

It will be mind-blowing every time your WordPress website’s content gets shared automatically on your social media. The plugin – Jetpack’s Publicize can do it for you and minimize your effort in marketing. 

Jetpack is a powerful plugin that offers a lot of engagement-related features like delivering site data and allowing comments through social media sites. It also includes security features, as well as options for improving the aesthetic of your website.

Before you even ask it. Yes, there are other plugins too: NextScripts, Revive Old Posts, Blog2Social, etc. 

Though some might say Jetpack is overloaded sometimes, it is used by many. This application links to your social network accounts and allows you to automatically distribute your content as soon as they’re published. This application links to your social network accounts and allows you to auto distribute the content as soon as they’re posted.

Installation and operation Process

First of all, go to WordPress dashboard, install & activate Jetpack and navigate through Jetpack > Settings. Then go to the Engagement tab, enable the Publicize by making sure that it is in the blue position. 

Then, choose to Configure Your Publicize Settings by clicking the arrow to the right. Select the social media networks to which you wish to post, then follow the instructions to link your accounts:

Open your WordPress post editor, where you will see your linked social media accounts. You can post on these social media automatically and also edit and add more accounts. 

Now your WordPress auto post to social media is activated through Jetpack. The hassle of maintaining the posts on your WordPress website is now minimized. To stop social media sharing pots, go to Edit Details and uncheck the accounts you wish to disable.

Enable Social Share Buttons on Your WordPress Website

We are presenting minimalistic content-sharing strategies that will surely lower your hassle. Of Course, your visitors also want to share your posts too. As a result, you should allow users to share your content by including a share button for each social networking platform.

However, one of the quickest possible ways is to add a social share button like Monarch Plugin. It’s a dedicated plugin that allows you to cultivate the power of social media. How? By adding a social share and follow button provided by this amazing tool. 

Also, you can put the buttons on six different locations and enable six different triggers to launch the pop-up. The triggers are activated by various actions such as commenting, buying, idleness or delaying. 

Monarch activation for WordPress auto post to social media

The activation process of Monarch is not overwhelming, and it’s user-friendly indeed. After installing and activating the plugin, navigate to Tools > Monarch Settings on your WordPress dashboard. 

The location tab will appear first, allowing you to choose your button’s location. After clicking on your preferred location (s), a green checkmark will appear next to each one. Click save changes after completing the process mentioned above. 

Let’s head to the next tab, which is Networks. You can add the networks where you want your visitors to share the pots from this option. 

When you hit the gray Add Networks button, a pop-up window will appear with a list including all accessible social networks. Choose the ones you desire, and a checkmark will appear just beside your choices.

The remaining tabs will allow you to personalize each of your selected button positions. You can also adjust the size, shape, color, and count of the buttons. Additionally, you can select the pages where you want to display the buttons. 

Use a Tool to Schedule your Social Media Posts 

You can also schedule posts according to certain or your preferred intervals. Doing so may guarantee you retain a presence and contact readers at the proper moment. Though social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow auto-scheduling pots, others don’t. 

Tools including Hootsuite, CoSchedule, and Buffer can schedule social media posts on social media from WordPress. You can control and manage posts for various social media sites within a single interface. We recommend you use Buffer, which is easy-going for beginners. 

Enhance your social media strategy by using Buffer and schedule posts at different intervals. Since you will post on multiple social networking sites, It will save a lot of time because you won’t need to run around from one app to another. 

Begin the process of auto-scheduling by signing up with your preferred social networking platform. Add other networks later but start and test with one at a time. 

After getting access, you can simply join additional networks by clicking the icons located on the left side. Schedule your posts by initially picking the networks of your preference. Simply click the button indicating a social media site. 

Now, click on the option saying What do you want to share which will allow you to craft your post.  

At this point, include your link and optional texts, choose your scheduling choices by selecting the arrow. The arrow is located next to the button saying Add to Queue.  

Share Next will post it at the selected time in the Schedule tab, while Share Now will post it right away. Please enter a precise day and time, go to Schedule Post and utilize your calendar and clock that appears 

Utilize Built-in Tools on your Platform to share 

Do you know some built-in features available to enable WordPress auto post to social media? We are talking about the built-in features that some social media offers to schedule an auto-post in their platform. 

Different platforms have varying degrees of functionality when it comes to sharing posts. But no worries, you will get documentation available to assist you in getting started. We are mentioning some of the resources of giant platforms below: 

  • In Facebook, you need to share the URL of the post on your personal profile or business page. 
  • For Twitter, you can simply add the link to your tweet. 
  • Create a pin with your content URL on Pinterest. 
  • Share your post’s link on Google+. 

Facebook page owners and Twitter business account owners can schedule their posts which is an added advantage. But keep in mind that if you own a standard profile, the option is not available for you. 

While using Facebook pages, you can schedule your posts in it. You can include the link to the WordPress that you want to be shared. First of all, log into your page and create your post to get the link or URL. 

After creating your post, tap the Publish button located in the bottom right corner. Click the small arrow beside > Schedule from the drop-down menu. Set the date and time in the Schedule Post interface. 

Now you can schedule and activate WordPress auto post to social media with ease. As a result, you can focus on the other aspects of your business. 


Sharing WordPress posts to social media automatically is a great way to keep in touch with your former and present consumers. We have revealed the most effective ways which you can utilize easily to employ WordPress auto post to social media. 

But if you are still posting manually, you are lacking behind in the marketplace. So, use the tools and processes that we’ve mentioned and get tons of traffic at your WordPress site right away. 

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