How to add an existing or unique discount code to your widget

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In this guide we’ll show you how to add a discount code to your widget by either choosing from your already existing Shopify discounts or generating a unique code. Click here to read more about how to use Coupon X

If you choose to go for the ”existing coupon” option, you will be asked to select a coupon from your currently existing Shopify discount codes. Each customer will get the same discount code and it can be used multiple times, until you change/ remove it.

If you choose to go for the ”unique coupon” option, the app will generate a unique coupon code for each customer. This unique code can be used only once.

So let’s get right into it! First, open the Coupon X app in your admin panel and click on the ”Edit” option next to your widget. 

Click on ”Widget design” in the page that will open.

In the page that will open up, scroll down and look for the ”Update coupon” button and select the type of coupon you want to add.

Existing Coupon

If you click on ”Existing coupon”, you’ll see a popup with your currently existing Shopify discount codes with their type (fixed amount or percentage) and value.

You simply need to select one of them or create a new discount code in the ”Discounts” page in your Shopify admin panel and don’t forget to hit ”Save”.You can find more detailed instructions on how to create and manage your Shopify discount codes here:

Generate Unique Coupons

If you click on ”Generate Unique Coupons”, you’ll be asked to fill in your code settings, starting with the type of discount – percentage or fixed amount – and value of the discount:

After that you will have to select whether the discount code will be applicable to all products or a specific product or collection. For the last two options you will have to add the desired product(s) and collection(s) from the dropdown menu.

Then, you will be asked to set minimum requirements, if any, such as minimum purchase amount or minimum number of items. The setting will be applied to all products.After the visitors fill out their email:

You can also add usage limits, for example a limit on the number of times this discount can be used or a limit to one use per customer:

Finally, you can add active dates for this discount code with a starting date and time and ending date and time respectively:

When you’re done, don’t forget to click ”Save” to make sure your changes will be displayed accordingly.

That’s it, easy as 1,2,3 ☺️ Your discount code will be automatically activated according to the conditions you have set.

Still have questions? Ping us at our Facebook group, and we’d love to help out!