How to use Coupon X?

In this guide, we’ll go through all the steps to activate Coupon X on your Shopify store. Please check our entire help documentation here to make the most out of the app

Display your Shopify discount codes using Coupon X’s beautiful sticky widgets, and make sure your visitors never miss it out.

You can also use Coupon X to display your coupons after your visitors have submitted their email address. 

Step 1 – Design Your Tab

In the first step, you’ll be asked to design your widget. Select the tab shape and color (or upload your own custom tab), choose the call-to-action text, select you your font, attention effect, and tab size.

Make sure the design of your tab looks as good as possible, because you want to get your visitors to click on it so they can get the coupon code. 

We suggest selecting a clear call-to-action message that’ll make sure your visitors understand what’s about to happen after they click on the tab

Step 2 – Design Your Widget

The widget is the part the appears after your visitors clicks on the tab. This is the place where your visitors actually see the coupon.

First, you can choose what type of widget you want – lightbox, floating bar or slide-in pop-up. Next, you need to select between 3 options:

 A. Show a coupon code with a Copy button – this option is good if you want to show the coupon right away, after the use clicks on the tab

 B. Collect email first, then show the coupon – use this option if you want the visitor to first enter their email address before you show them the coupon

Before the visitors fill out their email:

After the visitors fill out their email:

All your subscribers will be synced with your Shopify Customers tab. You can also view the list by clicking on the link icon beside your widget:

 C. Link to any page, or use sherable discount link – you this option if you want to link to your internal page, or use a shareable discount link (click here to learn how to do it)

After you decide which widget type suits you, go ahead and change the text and colors of your widget. 

Don’t forget to select the coupon type you want to display in your widget. Coupon X will let you choose among your existing discount codes – a list of all your active Shopify discount codes, and creating unique discount codes with relevant settings.

When you click on ”Select coupon”, if you choose ”Existing coupon”, you’ll see a popup with your currently existing Shopify discount codes with their type (fixed amount or percentage) and value.

If you click on ”Generate Unique Coupons”, you’ll be asked to fill in your code settings.

You can read in more details how to create an existing or a unique discount code with Coupon X in this guide:

Step 3 – Triggers and Targeting

This is the stage where you decide if you want to display your tab on mobile/desktop, how you want the widget to be launched (on click, hover, or opened by default), set triggers (time-based or scroll-based), and decide if you want to show the widget on specific pages and for specific countries. 

Once you’ve created your first widget, this is how it’ll appear on your store (of course, depends on your customization):

Still got questions? Email us at [email protected], ping us on Facebook Messenger, or visit our Facebook group.

Still have questions? Ping us at our Facebook group, and we’d love to help out!