How to add a countdown timer to your Coupon X widget for WordPress

In this guide we’ll show you how to add a countdown timer to your Coupon X widget.

To learn more about how to use the Coupon X plug-in click here and don’t forget to check our entire Coupon X knowledge base.

You can enable this feature in order to increase conversion rate by suggesting a time limit and exclusivity for your discount code.

There are two types of countdown timer you can add – a timer to a specific time and date or to count from the moment that the pop up appears, for example counting down from 5 minutes.

So let’s dive in!

First, open the Coupon X plug-in dashboard from your WordPress admin panel and click on the “Edit” button next to your widget.

Click on step 3: Popup design from the settings navigation, scroll down and look for the ”Countdown timer” option, then simply turn the option on by toggling the button to the right.

Next, decide what type of countdown you’d like to show – a popup appearance one or a specific date and time one. Let’s explore each of the options below.

Popup appearance countdown

You can choose to display the countdown from popup appearance – hence, a countdown that will trigger from the moment the Coupon X popup shows. If you go for this option, you will need to add how many minutes and seconds you want the countdown to display, for example 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Specific date and time countdown

You can also choose to show a specific date and time countdown – a countdown that is triggered on a specific date and time in your desired timezone. If you go for this option, you will need to select the appropriate timezone from the dropdown menu and add the start date and time from the relevant fields.

When you’re done, don’t forget to hit ”Save” at the bottom of the page. That’s it! Now your Coupon X widget will have a countdown that will display based on the criteria you just added. In the end it may look like this:

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