Where to find your contact form leads

In this guide we’ll show you where you can find your Chaty contact form leads. 

To learn more about how to use the Chaty plug-in click here, and don’t forget to check our entire Chaty knowledgebase to make the most out of it.

As a free user you can only store your leads in your local database. If you are a Pro user, you can also send them to your email address so that you get notified instantly about new messages. To read more about how to send your contact form leads to email, click here.

By using a contact form, you provide a fast and easy way to connect with your customers, collecting the desired information from them in order to be able to provide better customer service.

So let’s dive in. By default, the ”send contact form leads to your local database” setting will be enabled and in order to avoid confusion and unwanted mistakes, you cannot disable this feature.

As to where you can find your contact form leads, they are stored in your local database under the Chaty plug-in settings:

And this is how your contact form leads page will look like:

That’s it! Happy communicating with your website visitors, easy as 1,2,3!

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