How to launch Formilla with Chaty?

In this Help Guide, we will try to illustrate how you can launch Formilla with Chaty.

Follow through the steps to understand the process:

Step 1: Enter your Formilla Dashboard

Step 2: Then Click on Settings

Step 3: Then click on Widgets

Step 4: Then select the widget you would like to work on

Step 5: Then make sure your widget is visible on all pages you want it to appear on

Step 6: Then click on Advanced Appearance

Step 7: Tick the Customize CSS checkbox

Step 8: Add this CSS to hide your Formilla chat icon by default so that you can show it when someone clicks on the live chat option in Chaty:

#formilla-chat-button-inner {
display: none !important;

on the bottom of the textarea and click on Save Changes

Step 9: Now Goo to Chaty, add a custom channel and add this code in the input:

if(typeof Formilla != ‘undefined’){Formilla.initFormillaChat();};

then click on the gear icon and make sure Open In a New Tab is unticked, and you can also upload your custom image

Step 10: Now click on Save Changes button at the bottom

Still have questions? Ping us at our Facebook group, and we’d love to help out!