How to create tags and triggers on Google Tag Manager to track Chaty click events on GA4

Step #1: On your Tags section, click New to create a new tag.

For this example, let’s create a tag for the Whatsapp channel click event.

Step #2: Enter “Chaty – Whatsapp” as a tag title. You can also enter any title you want.

Step #3: Click the pencil icon under Tag Configuration.

Step #4: Click Google Analytics.

Step #5: Click Google Analytics: GA4 Event.

Step #6: Enter your GA4 Measurement ID and Event Name as Chaty_Whatsapp. You can also set your own event name.

Step #7: Click the pencil icon under Triggering.

Step #8: Create a new trigger.

Step #9: Enter “Chaty – Whatsapp” as trigger title or any title you like.

Step #10: Click the pencil icon under Trigger Configuration.

Step #11: Click Just Links as the Trigger Type.

Step #12: Click Some Link Clicks.

Step #13: Select the variable Click Classes and set the condition to contain “chaty-whatsapp-channel”.

Step #14: Click Save

Step #15: Click Submit to publish the changes.

Follow the same process for adding another click event. Just use the link class below for each channel.

WhatsApp: chaty-whatsapp-channel

Phone: chaty-phone-channel

Instagram: chaty-instagram-channel

Facebook Messenger: chaty-facebook_messenger-channel

Skype: chaty-skype-channel

Email: chaty-email-channel

SMS: chaty-sms-channel

Contact Form: chaty-contact_us-channel

Line: chaty-line-channel

Telegram: chaty-telegram-channel

Viber: chaty-viber-channel

WeChat: chaty-wechat-channel

Linkedin: chaty-linkedin-channel

Chaty widget: has-gae