How do I set a time-based, scroll-based, or exit-intent trigger?

You can decide when you want to show the Chaty widget. Your trigger can be time-based, scroll-based, or based on exit-intent trigger. Your widget will be displayed once the first trigger is triggered. E.g. if you set a 7 seconds trigger and a 20% scroll trigger, if your website visitors scrolled 25% after 3 second, the widget will be displayed. 

Keep in mind that the display trigger only affects the first time the widget displays. Once the widget appears for the first time, when your visitors move to other pages the widget will appear instantly. 

This is how you set triggers:

  1. Turn on the toggle of the trigger you’d like to use
  2. If you want to use “Time Delay” or “Page Scroll”, fill out the input fields. For the “Time Delay” feature, enter the number of seconds, and if you choose “Page Scroll” enter the page scroll percentage.

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