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Still not sold on Coupon X for Wix? Here are what our happy customers have to say!

  • Kingpinclothing

    Just have to say it's really really good and convenient and makes me save time on automations to work on other things, thanks!

  • Canlanguage

    I have been using Coupon X for a couple weeks on my site. I like the customisation available for the app to give my users exactly what they need. Support has been very helpful (and timely) in addressing any concerns I have had. Perfect score.

  • Ellenm1

    This is an effective method of improving conversions. As a very small business, I struggle to get trust and sales. Coupon X got several uses within a few days of installation. When I ran into a technical issue, the team was amazingly responsive and fixed it overnight. I recommend this plugin.

  • Resumerecueplusadmin

    Works well! Great way to spotlight sales and discounts.

  • Blackoliveent

    We are enjoying using this app. We find it easy peasy to use and adapt to our needs. Great work guys!


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