Best WordPress Maintenance and Management Services in 2022

Building a website with perfection is quite a task. 

But –

Maintaining a website is a whole sum of daily challenges. 

WordPress is definitely one of the most popular and loved website development platforms, but it also has flaws that need to be resolved. 

Site owners have often revealed that maintaining a website is quite difficult as they are running out of time and resources. Hence, they look forward to WordPress management services that offer an offshore maintenance contract. 

With this blog, we will reveal the best WordPress maintenance and management services. So, let’s begin!

Top 5 WordPress Maintenance and Support Services in 2022

These brands are popular for serving website owners with the best WordPress maintenance services, including management and support. 

1. WP Buffs

Whether you are running an agency or a freelancer, WP Buffs has everything in the plan for your serious website business. The company provides excellent WordPress management services 24/7. 

WP Buffs offers two different types of maintenance plans for website owners. You can either select their existing plans or can acquire the white-label WordPress management services with branding. 

What do you get?

  • 24*7 Website editing support
  • Emergency support 
  • Weekly website updates
  • Ongoing website security
  • Website backups 
  • Website speed optimization 

The company has a great team of WordPress developers to provide your website with the best management, maintenance, and support services. 

2. WP OnlineSupport

When you are quite obsessed with your WordPress website’s security and maintenance issues, you can get it fixed with WP OnlineSupport. They have a friendly and smart WordPress development team provided with a great Essential & Best WordPress Plugin Bundle to make your website more secure and updated. 

WP OnlineSupport helps personal and business websites to get seamless optimization with the new themes, WordPress Plugins, speed, and SEO. They have got an excellent diversion of services to help, including the WooCommerce customization and maintenance services. 

What do you get?

  • Emergency Services 
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • WooCommerce Optimization
  • Plugins and Theme Customization
  • Website Redesigning Services
  • Website Tweaks and Improvements
  • PSD to WordPress Management Services
  • Multisite WordPress Development Services 

Well, when you are running a business website as an agency or a freelancer or are looking forward to an eCommerce website customization or maintenance service, WP OnlineSupport is the right place to knock in! They are best known for the diversified services they provide for WordPress and WooCommerce development. 

3. GoDaddy WP Premium Support

Has GoDaddy been known only for hosting and domain? No, they have exclusive premium support for WordPress website owners, including agencies, freelancers, and organizations. 

So, when you are hosting your WordPress website with GoDaddy, you can expect their WP Premium Support to help you with website maintenance and support services. So, you get both hosting and maintenance from the same company, which is pretty simple and easy for managing your WordPress website.

What do you get?

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Live Chat for Emergencies 
  • WordPress Management Services
  • WordPress Hosting Services

4. GoWP

When you find it difficult to grow your business by simultaneously managing your WordPress website, you can rely on GoWP. They provide all types of WordPress maintenance services, including speed and security optimization. 

What do you get?

  • Dedicated WordPress Developer
  • Dedicated Copywriter
  • Landing page builds
  • WordPress Maintenance Services
  • WordPress Management Services
  • Speed Optimization
  • 24/7 Content Edits

When you are expecting a lot more than just website maintenance services, you must rely on GoWP! You can have everything onboard without expanding your team size from a dedicated developer to a dedicated copywriter. 

5. Valet

Valet has an impressive ideology for business owners while offering their classic WordPress maintenance services. They help agencies concentrate on their core business by offering complete WordPress management services, including maintenance and support plans. 

What do you get?

  • Core WordPress Maintenance
  • eCommerce Maintenance 
  • WordPress Support
  • WordPress Development
  • WordPress Audit
  • WordPress Accessibility 

The company is best in solving the technical issues with your WordPress website; you can refer to their pricing and plans online for getting started! 

What Should a Website Owner Consider While Selecting the WordPress Management Services?

We have disclosed the top five WordPress Maintenance Services in our blog. Each of these companies is best in their versions, but you can always look forward to the company that is especially dealing with your WordPress maintenance issues. 

Do not overlook website backup and security services while hiring your next WordPress maintenance and support agency. These are essential website elements to help you manage your online business better!

Author’s Bio

Amisha Parmar is a content writer and SEO marketing manager at Essential Plugin, which sells a WordPress Plugin Bundle that includes front-end utility plugins. Expert Inbound Marketing Tools, Templates, and Security are required for the overall development of a WordPress website.