WordPress Basics: Pros and Cons of WordPress

We all know about the Microsoft news. Its magazine-style layout is catchy for us to read the stories, news, and recent updates. It is all possible because of WordPress. It is a popular platform all over the world. It helps in making the website more professional and attractive.

In this growing digital world, it becomes essential to improve the virtual presence. It works as the company’s first impression. As the customers firstly prefer to know about the online appearance of the company. It is necessary to build a creative and attractive website.

WordPress helps in creating the website as per our requirements. Thus everyone needs to know about it.       

But before learning any new thing, it is necessary to get some basic ideas about it. This article will be helpful to get some information about WordPress. It shows the pros and cons of using it, which helps you to understand its functionality better.      

What is WordPress

WordPress is a free-of-charge, open-source website designing platform. It is the most famous platform for creating websites. It is the easiest and flexible blogging and content management system(CMS) for learners.

It was started in 2003 as a blogging platform but developed into a website-creating platform at a later stage. Technically it is coded in PHP language. It works significantly for all kinds of websites. It includes blogging, eCommerce, portfolio, and business. 

This platform is developed, keeping in mind the flexibility and usability features. For any size of business, the performance of the software is the same. It works truly in the backend and frontend on the website.            

Merits Of WordPress

There are multiple advantages of using WordPress, as shown below-

1. User-Friendly

WordPress minimizes the efforts needed for developing the website. Even the one who does not have much knowledge about WordPress can operate it. You just have to learn about some basic concepts for running the software.

After that, you can design your website quickly. You can make any changes to the website view very easily. That is adding or removing images, content, new pages, and weblogs. 

Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS — WordPress.org

Many WordPress themes are available freely, and you can choose one as per your requirement.

The themes are device-friendly. You can get an identical view from any device like smartphones, tablets, and operating systems. Also, for simplicity of the operationality of the website, the plugins are customizable.

A lot of free and paid plugins are available that give a look at the website the way you want. Such efforts will enhance the presentation of the website.

It provides support free of cost, which is useful to you if you are stuck at any point. By messaging on that community website, you can get relevant answers.    

2. eCommerce

Most people find trouble in building a website if they are not from a technical background. For them, the WordPress platform works best. It provides easy steps in launching the eCommerce business.

With the up-gradation of the digital platform, the demand for online shopping has also increased. WordPress offers many themes for the eCommerce sector that enhance the usability of the users. It simplifies the process of buying and selling the products.

When you successfully present yourself, you can reach more audiences. Similar is applicable for eCommerce as they are trading entirely on an online basis. Their virtual appearance matters the most for attracting customers.

This software will be helpful in promoting your brand and improves sales. The website will give the complete layout of a store. It will provide separate tabs for purchasing, shipping, and wishlist, which you prefer to buy later.        

3. Cost-Effective

Various paid and free versions are available for the WordPress themes. Based on the need of the firm, they can opt for one of them. The cost will differ based on the theme and features you want. It results in saving a considerable amount. For the growing firm, it will be beneficial to start with the free themes. After successfully setting up your brand, you can opt for the premium ones.

WordPress simplifies the work of the organization. The firm’s owner needs only to upload the theme to their server, add plugins, necessary content, and then directly publish it.            

4. Supported in Multiple Languages

With WordPress, you can choose the language as per your requirement. It is supported in more than 65 languages. If you want to make changes in the supported languages, you can easily do it from the settings. For attracting more audience, multi-language functionality in the website will significantly work for it. 

Language translation is supported in many WordPress themes and plugins. Also, it is possible to keep the website in two languages. It means you can keep the admin area in one language and can keep the site in another language.        

Demerits Of WordPress

Similar to a coin, everything in the world comes with two sides that are advantages and disadvantages. We have discussed the merits of WordPress. Now it is time to look for a few of the demerits. They are as shown below- 

1. Safety Problems

Everything on the internet is exposed to fall under the probability of getting hacked. With the increase in popularity, the chances for hacking also get a boost. It results in generating a negative effect on your brand.  

Since WordPress is open-source software, it leads to many vulnerable issues. Many hackers are finding platforms to destroy their data. This platform can work by allowing them to do so.

In order to mitigate such circumstances, you have to choose the plugins and themes carefully. Perform useful measures before installing them. 

As per the WPScan report, 80% of vulnerability is in the core WordPress software. It is as shown in the figure below-

2. More Number of Updates

We often consider the update as the platform for bettering the ongoing digital process. It works as a source for improving the user’s experience. But many times, it results in completely vanishing the process. A lot of updates may result in bringing frustration.

But for successfully running the website, it is necessary to update the core WordPress themes and plugins at specific intervals. You have to check whether there is any update available or not on a regular basis. Thus it demands separate time from daily working routine. 

With the advancement of technological systems, such errors may happen. Thus try to work with all the possible efforts for saving the data.

3. Requires Prior Knowledge 

Though WordPress does not demand complete knowledge before using it. But it is beneficial to have some information about it in advance. It helps in better understanding and running the software.

Belonging to the marketing or web developer background will work as a plus point for you. But if you are completely blank with WordPress, it will be a bit difficult to use it. It does not reflect that you have to be proficient in WordPress, but you must have some knowledge before starting work on it.   

4. Slow Page Speed

With the increase in the database, plugins, and coding data, the WordPress software gets slowed down. Many reasons are possible that affect the swiftness of the page. It includes image size, more words on one page, and irresponsible hosting issues. 

In this faster-growing era, no one likes the loading issue. That’s why it is crucial to care that the pages load at a speedy rate.

Audiences get frustrated if they have to wait for a longer period to access the website. They may leave it, and it results in diminishing credibility of the business. It vanishes the complete efforts that you and your team had made in enhancing the products as the audiences were not able to reach up to it.

Summing Up

In this digital and fast-growing world, business owners must keep themselves innovative and creative. WordPress is the most useful tool for achieving it even without having a programming background.

Know about its advantages and disadvantages as mentioned above.

Consider its usability at the top stage and take necessary precautions for the demerits it is having to maximize the benefit of using it.

Think about all the points and adapt them accordingly for smoothly running the process.  

Author Bio

Sweta is an experienced content strategist at FactoHR, having a keen interest in communication and the latest trends that are useful to entrepreneurs. Her passion for learning aids team members to represent new ideas that later help businesses to achieve their mission and vision.