Top 6 Email Marketing Plugins for Shopify Stores to Rev Up Your Sales

Step into the world of e-commerce and Shopify, where only those mastering effective marketing strategies can thrive in the intense competition. One of the most powerful tools at your fingertips is email marketing, as it is affordable and can help you reach a massive audience. 

However, sending emails can be a painstakingly long process, which is where email marketing plugins come in. There are a handful of WordPress plugins for Shopify available that can boost your marketing game to the next level by automating your campaigns, tracking your results, and saving you time.

Let’s go over the top 6 email marketing plugins for Shopify stores, their features, benefits, and pricing. Lean back, relax, and prepare to propel your Shopify store’s marketing to new heights!

Boost Your Shopify Store’s Email Marketing with These Top 6 Plugins


Recently partnering with Shopify, MailChimp is an e-commerce marketing automation platform and email marketing service that directly integrates with Shopify. The recent deal between the two companies allows MailChimp users to share data across both platforms. 

MailChimp has many features, some of which include the following:

  • Automate emails when a potential buyer leaves the cart empty or emails to welcome or reengage customers.
  • Content optimizer allows users to make changes to their copy, making it more engaging. 
  • Get access to insights and use analytics to drive your future email campaigns.
  • Easy to make pop-up forms and landing pages that users can publish in seconds.


There are four different plans users can subscribe to, and these include the following: 

  • Free: You get access to many features, including precision-targeted emails, marketing CRM, pop-up forms and landing pages, social media postings, and many more.
  • Essentials: This plan starts at $13 a month and includes everything you would get in the free plan, plus tons of email marketing templates, help with customer branding, access to A/B testing, and up to 50,000 contacts. If you’re facing troubles with MailChimp or need assistance, you also get access to 24/7 customer service (email and live chat) with the essentials plan. 
  • Standard: The standard plan will cost you $20 a month and includes everything you would get in the essentials plan, plus a powerful behaviour-targeting email feature, custom templates, a customer journey builder, and up to 100,000 contacts. 
  • Premium: This is the most expensive package available and will set you back $350 a month. The premium plan includes all the features available in the standard plan and far superior multivariate testing, advanced segmentation, customer support (phone), unlimited contacts, and more.


Considered to be a major player in the Shopify store, Klaviyo is a popular email marketing automation platform that guarantees a higher ROI with no risk. To help engage customers and boost business sales, Klaviyo offers its users the tools to create targeted and personalized emails. Users can segment their customers into groups, allowing them to target specific groups and increase conversions. 

With the help of Klaviyo, Shopify store users can: 

  • Build detailed audience segmentation to help personalize and tailor email campaigns according to the target audience. 
  • Automate abandoned cart emails, carry out post-purchase follow-ups, and provide product recommendations.
  • Receive real-time revenue data according to different categories, including email campaigns, audience segments, and the channel.
  • Send their potential customers dynamic coupon codes to help increase conversion rates.


Klaviyo has three different subscription plans, and these include the following: 

  • Free: Shopify store owners receive credits that they can redeem to email up to 250 contacts and SMS to 150 contacts. Besides that, the free plan allows access to features such as forms and push notifications, audience segmentation and personalization, predictive analytics, and more. However, you do not receive any customer support with the free plan. 
  • Email: As your business grows, you may want to increase the number of contacts you can reach out to with your emails, and the email plan is perfect for that. It will cost around $20 per month, allowing you to send automated emails to up to 500 contacts. There are no contracts, and you can unsubscribe from the plan anytime without any restrictions. You also receive access to customer support in case you run into trouble. 
  • SMS: This plan focuses on SMS/MMS marketing, costing you $15 a month. You will receive up to 1,250 SMS credits for the month and access to a library of multi-channel automated flows, customizable reports, and SMS forms.


Drip is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins for Shopify that allows you to turn customer data into customer loyalty. Using automated emails and customer-centric marketing strategies, Drip allows Shopify store owners to build real relationships. 

The following are some of the key features of Drip: 

  • Launch automated multi-channel marketing strategies.
  • Design and send beautifully crafted emails effortlessly. 
  • Guide and connect with customers to create genuine relationships beyond their inboxes.


Drip offers only a paid plan priced at $39 a month and includes the following: 

  • Up to 2,500 contacts
  • Unlimited emails
  • Onsite campaigns
  • Email support
  • Free Migration

If you want to increase the number of contacts, be ready to pay extra. To see whether the plugin is the right fit for your Shopify store, you can receive a 14-day free trial upon sign-up without needing your credit card.


Omnisend is another powerful email marketing and SMS platform that offers features to help you shortcut your revenue growth. Shopify store owners can use Omnisend to:

  • Build better relationships with customers using Email marketing. 
  • Send the right message automatically with marketing automation. 
  • Text your customers around the world.
  • Instantly retarget your customers with web push notifications.
  • Grow your audience and boost sales using pop-ups and forms.
  • Learn and make better decisions with reports and analytics.
  • Target the right people with audience segmentation. 
  • Increase your reach on social media with audience sync for ads feature.


Omnisend offers the following three plans: 

  • Free: Users can send 500 emails and 60 SMS globally every month and reach up to 250 contacts. They’ll have access to email templates, pop-ups and sign forms, and 24/7 customer service support. 
  • Standard: The standard plan costs $16 a month and includes everything you would get with the free plan. However, you can reach up to 2,500 contacts and send 6,000 emails and 60 SMS globally monthly. You can even hire a customer success manager for $400 a month.
  • Pro: If you’re growing fast, you may want to consider the pro plan, which costs $59 a month and includes everything you would get with the standard package. You can reach up to 2,500 contacts, send unlimited emails and SMS worldwide, and receive access to advanced reporting and 24/7 priority support.


Looking for some amazing WordPress plugins for Shopify? Why not jumpstart your Shopify business with Privy, an all-in-one e-commerce marketing platform? Privy can help you in the following ways:

  • Grow your email and SMS lists with welcome incentives, interactive spin to wins, and mobile-optimized pop-ups.
  • Interact with your subscribers through welcome emails, brand newsletters, and broadcast text messaging. 
  • Sell more products with automated abandoned cart emails, cart-saver campaigns, cross-sell campaigns, free shipping announcements, and a countdown timer. 
  • Reconnect with your customers through win-back emails and post-purchase follow-ups.


Privy is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for Shopify and has over 24,800 reviews Shopify store. It offers users four different plans, including: 

  • Free: Reach up to 100 contacts and have access to unlimited list growth, different pop-up types, advanced targeting, and sync with Shopify coupons.
  • Starter: It’s an excellent plan for reaching up to 1,500 email contacts and will cost you $30 monthly. You’ll get everything available in the free plan plus access to email marketing, unlimited email sends, advanced segmentation and targeting, and free customer support.
  • Growth plan: The growth plan is priced at $45 a month and includes everything you would get with the starter plan, plus access to SMS marketing and advanced segmentation and targeting for SMS marketing. You will also receive 1:1 customer support. 
  • Conversion only: This plan will cost you $70 a month and gets you 50,000 monthly page views. 

Amplified: Abandon Cart, Email

Amplified: Abandon Cart makes modern multi-channel marketing simple by offering many different features, such as real-time site activity, email and phone capture, abandon cart recovery, beautiful templates, and metrics for growth. 


The Amplified: Abandon Cart Shopify app is free to install and allows you to reach up to 500 contacts. They also offer a growth plan that costs $29 per month and increases as your contacts grow.


Email marketing is like a secret weapon for e-commerce and Shopify stores, and it is a great way to engage customers, boost sales, and build brand loyalty. What’s even better is using WordPress plugins for Shopify to take your e-commerce campaigns to a whole new level. Say goodbye to tedious manual campaigns and hello to automating your efforts, tracking results, and saving precious time.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the top 6 email marketing plugins, including MailChimp, Klaviyo, Drip, Omnisend, Privy, and Amplified. Based on your specific needs, any of these plugins could be a great addition to your marketing toolbox. Try the free versions to see which works best for you before paying a subscription fee for added features!