5 Subscribe Form Template Ideas for Black Friday To Boost Email List

Many young digital marketers underestimate the power of having a long list of email subscribers. However, if you want to make your business grow, this is one of the essential strategies to try out.

According to Hubspot Blog, one of the leading websites in digital marketing, subscriber segmentation is the most effective strategy, and 33% of marketers send emails once a week, whereas 77% of them see an increase in engagement in a year.

Furthermore, when you launch a marketing campaign for a specific time of the year, you have even more chances of getting new people to subscribe to your mailing list. Therefore, it’s no surprise that taking advantage of Black Friday is a good idea. 

This article discusses five template ideas you can try out when designing your newsletter email forms for Black Friday.

But before we jump into the newsletter form ideas, here are practical tips you need to follow:

Helpful Tips for Creating Newsletter Subscribe Forms for Black Friday

There are a few things you must consider when you’re working on your email forms. Firstly, the strategies you use to catch people’s attention, and secondly, the software you rely on to develop these email subscribe forms.

Human beings are always sensitive to specific emotional or motivational triggers. Thus, if you understand them, you can include them in your email forms and increase your chances of gaining more subscribers. 

Remember that these triggers are potent; most people don’t notice they affect them because they work subconsciously. Here are some of the most important ones:

Information Gap

Researchers have found that when there’s a difference between what you know and what you want to know, you will most likely try to fill that gap. This principle applies to live chat as well. By offering the option for real-time conversation alongside your email signup form, you can address immediate questions and pique their curiosity, leading to a higher chance of both a signup and a satisfied customer.

In other words, when you design your email forms for your potential subscribers, try to leave them wanting more. Use your subscribe forms as bait for your public’s curiosity, and you’ll increase the possibility of them signing up!


Your clients will believe that certain offers are more valuable if they are only available for a specific number of people or for a limited time. 

This, of course, is particularly useful during Black Friday because you can use the date to motivate your public to subscribe. Make it clear that the offer you’re giving them won’t be available forever!


The last trigger to consider is ‘community,’ which, in a way, is self-explanatory if you’ve been running an online business for some time. Knowing about the digital industry helps you understand that your public is more prone to subscribe if they feel part of something bigger.

Therefore, you can design your email forms to make your potential public feel part of a group with which they share common interests or goals. 

Using the Right Tools

Even though there are numerous software options to design your email forms, Premio is intuitive, offers customizable alternatives, and gives you different features.

Considering the previously mentioned triggers, you must rely on the best tools to make your contact forms work. Thus, Premio might be the software you were looking for!

Black Friday Subscribe Form Template Ideas

Crazy Deal Subscribe Form for Black Friday

All human beings feel motivated when they experience certain things. If you know how this process works and learn to take advantage of it, you can use it to your favor and optimize your website, which will help you gain more subscribers.

Black Friday is one of the best dates to try strategies and attract more subscribers to your website. First, however, you must offer wild deals that make your business stand out from the competition.

With Premio’s plugin, for example, you can install forms on any website you want, and this is convenient if you’re running more than one site. In addition, this software allows you to use a basic template and personalize it to fit your style!

The key to motivating your public to subscribe is to offer them a deal they can’t refuse. You can, for example, give them a special discount coupon in exchange for their email address.

Exclusive Black Friday Promos Subscribe Form Template

Exclusivity is something that your clients will always love because it helps them feel special. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer way to bond with them and encourage them to become your subscribers.

Therefore, it’s crucial that what you write on your subscribe form is short, compelling, easy to understand, and attention-catching. Otherwise, you risk your potential subscribers just feeling annoyed and leaving your site.

Exclusive Downloadable Content Form for Black Friday

As mentioned before, the more you make your subscribers believe that your offer is exceptional, the more chances you have of getting a long email list.

A fantastic way to get more subscribers is to offer freebies. If you check out your competitor’s websites, you might notice that many of them do this – it’s very effective! People love free stuff and will undoubtedly add their emails to your list if you give them something.

However, to increase your chances, even more, you must add a unique twist to this strategy. First, tell your public that this opportunity is limited because of Black Friday and that they have to subscribe as soon as possible, or they won’t get it. Then, voila! Watch your email list grow!

Dark-themed Subscribe Form for Black Friday

The last template idea on this list appeals to your public’s love for visually-appealing stuff. Everyone enjoys seeing nice-looking pictures and websites; you can apply this to your contact forms.

Furthermore, giving it a unique twist is essential if you want to take advantage of the holidays. Instead of following your usual color palette, make your subscribe form have dark, autumn colors.

Many people don’t want to risk doing it because they believe it clashes with their website’s style or colors. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be afraid! This is precisely what you should be looking for!

Keynote Takeaways

You want to drive your public’s attention to your newsletter signup form. Naturally, therefore, you need to make it stand out from the rest of the information on your site, and a quick and straightforward way to do this is to change the colors of its theme.

With software such as Premio, you can do this in minutes. Furthermore, their Subscribe Form plugin allows you to customize the template, and if you acquire the lifetime subscription, you have many more options to choose from.

If your site already follows a color scheme, taking that brave step might be challenging because it requires you to understand that the contact form will look completely different. However, once you do it, you’ll see it was worth it!

Building and managing a website requires time and effort, especially if you design the templates you want to use to grow your email list. Download WordPress Subscribe Form plugin here!