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How To Use Premio Plugins For Your Black Friday Deals [Updated 2022]

The much-awaited Black Friday 2022 is almost here!

We all know that this holiday shopping season is almost synonymous with a flood of amazing deals. That’s what everyone expects.

And for sure, every eCommerce store owner is now busy planning out their best online strategy. There’s email marketing, as usual. Plus, a whole bunch of social media channels.

The best thing about online shopping is you don’t have to fall in line with such a notorious crowd. You have all the time that you need. You can even hop from one store to another even while at home.

No wonder why businesses take advantage of this season to drive more sales.

In fact, according to Adobe Analytics Data, U.S. shoppers alone spent a record-breaking $28.49 billion last year during the 5-day holiday shopping frenzy. That’s crazy!

How To Keep Up With The Competition

Competition is at its peak during this time.

Everyone’s in a rush to keep up.

Several stores invest in paid ads, newsletter campaigns, post boosts, and many others.

You may use different channels to promote your campaigns, but your website is one huge interface with lots of possibilities too.

Website plugins and apps are a simple and easy tool to help you. Some of them even offer free installations. There’s a website plugin for chat support, pop ups, inline forms, social proofs, and more.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the best Premio plugins you can use for Black Friday 2022. They just don’t help you promote your deals, but might also help you grow relationships with your customers.

Using Premio Plugins on Black Friday 2022

1. Provide excellent customer support via various channels with Chaty

Busy shoppers are always in a rush. You cannot blame them though. Who doesn’t want good deals, right?

As they go from one store to another, sometimes they can’t wait for customer support to address their concerns. And most often than not, once they exit, they’d forget sooner or later that they visited you.

A chat plugin that lets you chat with your visitors via their favorite channels is the perfect one to use. Whenever and wherever they are, you have the power to connect with them.

Premio has a floating chat widget, Chaty, which has a version for both WordPress and Shopify.

Not only does it allow you to connect easily, but also gives you a chance to offer Black Friday deals and improve customer convenience via different platforms.

When you use this, you’ll have 19+ chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and more. It would also be easier to attract attention as you can add a custom call to action beside the widget.

2. Let customers connect with you at all times using MyStickyElements

Looking through an online store might feel too weird if it lacks contact forms or links to social channels. It elicits a feeling of disconnect since you’re far too unreachable.

Bridge the gap between you and your customer by installing sticky elements.

It shows that you’re always there if anything comes out especially during the holiday rush, with details of open hours, location, etc.

It also displays the platforms where they can connect with you outside the website, such as social media, email, and phone.

The Premio WordPress plugin called My Sticky Elements can help you get more leads while highlighting some important business details through floating widgets.

3. Make your visitors happy with exclusive coupons using Coupon X

All Black Friday shoppers are looking for discounts. That’s what the event is all about! 

Drive more sales on your Shopify store by giving away coupons and promo codes. It’s practically easy to do. And you don’t have to worry too much if your visitors are having a great time. Because discounts alone can boost your conversions and improve the customer shopping experience.

Coupon X is a great Shopify plugin to achieve that. It’s a coupon pop up builder that can help you rescue abandoned Black Friday carts and improve email lists.

Like pop ups, you can do so much with Coupon X by enabling smart triggers and targeting options, giving you the opportunity to target the right customer at the right time.

4. Get more leads with Sticky Floating Contact Form

If WordPress has My Sticky Elements, Shopify also has a Sticky Floating Contact Form plugin. This helps you build your customer and lead database by making it easy for your visitors to leave their contact details.

When you install Sticky Floating Contact Form on your website, you’ll get to have a floating contact form, whether on mobile or desktop.

This will greatly help you connect with more leads and clients especially during the Black Friday Sale when customers often have questions/inquiries about certain products and services.

5. Make your Black Friday Deals page visible with MyStickyMenu

A well-designed deals page is a crucial element. That’s where customers pick the item that they want and check out. The only challenge is how to lead them to that page.

With Premio’s myStickymenu plugin, you can put a button going directly to your Black Friday Deals page through its Welcome Bar feature.

It will stay right on top of the website interface so it would be impossible to miss.

myStickymenu is a WordPress plugin that will help you create a visible menu for your website visitors. It’s more like a sticky header while the visitor scrolls through your pages. 

Here’s an example of myStickymenu using the Welcome Bar feature:

black friday website plugins

6. Show off social proof from previous customers with Stars Testimonials

Since this is an online store, visitors have no chance of checking the item first. That’s when they rely on testimonials. They are authentic reviews and ratings from previous customers who have tried your products firsthand. 

Displaying social proofs is one of the most effective ways to gain the trust of consumers.  Almost 84% of consumers say they check for reviews before finalizing the purchase.

To show off some social proof, the Stars Testimonials plugin is the right one for you. You can display them on your homepage or on your pricing page to boost credibility and evoke a good reputation, which is helpful especially during this Black Friday Sale.

website testimonials social proof

7. Grow your newsletter email list with Subscribe Forms

We know the critical role newsletters play in Black Friday campaigns. Email marketing has an average ROI of $42 in every $1 you spend on your email initiatives.

To reach more potential paying customers through email, make it a point to grow your email list even before Black Friday.

Achieve that by implementing Subscribe Forms on your WordPress website.

What you can do is to create a widget and put a striking call to action. Much better if the CTA is related to Black Friday already so you can capture them way ahead. A simple “Be the first to know our special Black Friday Deals” will go a long way for sure.

Here’s an example:

Tip: Make sure you connect your Subscribe Form with your CRM so you’ll have an easy-breezy email marketing integration process.

Wrap Up!

Black Friday Sale is a big annual event for all shoppers and retailers. It shouldn’t be taken for granted since the opportunity here is really huge.

But first things first! Your website should be the first platform you need to focus on. Equip it with the right tools and widgets to achieve higher sales and better customer service. And even if it’s not Black Friday anymore, plugins can still do their job in keeping your site customer-friendly.

Now that you know how website plugins can help you create a nice Black Friday experience, it’s now time to learn and install them. They’re pretty easy and free!

If you hit any difficulties along the way, let our Premio support team know so we can help.

Happy Black Friday Sale!