How to Choose the Best Page Builder That Suits Your Business

Today, WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for the website’s successful launching, now it became much easier for people from different industries to create their own site for any purpose. 

However, there are still some ways you can take full advantage of using it. For instance, it is a great idea for combining the standard options with some brilliant tools to get extra functions applied to your webpages or a unique design, that can radically increase the number of visitors. 

In this article, we will discover the importance of applying these tools to the website, analyze the benefits of their application to your WordPress website and introduce the crucial things you need to know before choosing a page builder for your website.

Why Page Builders Are a Crucial Addition to Your WordPress Toolbox?

There is no need to say that along with the rising popularity of the Internet, there are a ton of competitors appearing day by day.

A vast number of companies, businesses, and brands have a great need for increasing their website or platform value in such a highly competitive environment. Consequently, they apply various ways to solve the major problem of getting the target audience’s attention on their website. 

Of course, web design is not the only way of website optimization, but it’s still a crucial tool for boosting its performance.

By applying the different features to the visual part, your website will not only stand out from the ordinary-looking competitors but also win by boosting its functionality.

And now it is time to point out the main elements that you need from a page builder, which can greatly help you with choosing the best service for your website.

Steps to Choosing a Page Builder for Your WordPress Site 

There are so many options to choose from while making a decision about the page builder, but it is crucial to make it thoroughly.

If you have created a certain website content using a page builder and then switch to another one, you might lose a lot of time trying to make a new model suitable for the new templates.

In addition, if you work with different page builders, it is much harder to navigate there while creating web pages. So, for this purpose, we will learn how to choose a trustworthy and efficient page builder for the platform created.  

1) Determine Your Needs

Though the main purpose of any page builder is to structure all the data on a web page, there are still some features that may differ. So, to determine the most crucial ones for you it is a nice idea to find out the next points:

  • the importance of visual design and if it should be flexible;
  • the type of the webpages where the page builder will be applied;
  • the specific options implemented to your website;
  • the range of page builder applications.
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Now, having determined your targets it is much easier to form the list of criteria for a page builder, and therefore it will greatly simplify your decision making.

Also, you will clearly find out the tools which are useless for your working process, so get rid of the redundant page builder applications. 

2) Consider Your Budget

The next right hint for shortening the list of options is to consider the sum of investments you are planning to spend on your web page builder. Needless to mention that the WordPress platform is free itself, but the additional plugins such as page builders, hosting services, and various other management tools may require additional investments. 

So, if you are peering for a page builder, then you might have already noticed that most services are available in free and premium versions.

Nevertheless, some good features like special themes or functional plugins you exactly were looking for are paid. For instance, let’s go to the two best WordPress page builders comparisons. 

The experts of Website Hosting Rating point out, if you want to take the first try, you can use the free version of Elementor, however, the premium version of it is much higher in comparison with Divi (45$ vs 89 of Divi).

That is why it is greatly important to decide the sum you are ready to pay for its purchase and further usage, or which features you can give up on so as to save your budget. 

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3) Start Exploring Your Options

At this stage, you have already determined the leading services that might be useful for your website, and now it’s time to make a general description of the core features of every option. For this purpose, the WordPress Beginner experts have created 5 main criteria so as to make a short but informative list of the benefits and weak points of each page builder. 

Let’s look a little bit deeper into each element. 


Every page builder has some core features you can make great use of, but it is more important whether the creator can easily utilize it. Being customized and well-planned for the various users from beginners to advanced users, this tool will radically reduce the time required for the web page launching.


As we have already mentioned before, at this point it is important to define the price of the service. In addition, pay attention to both free and paid versions to see the difference and if there is any need to pay more for the features you might not use at all. For instance, if you are more interested in applying the new templates instead of various designs to your website, then it is needless to overpay for the page builder with a vast number of designs and only a few template variants available in it. 


Design and all the visual elements of it are usually considered to be the crucial feature of a page builder. Consequently, here you should note which options will be beneficial for your website, and which one is the exact must-have in your work. For instance, analyze the number of customization options, templates, fonts, and pre-made designs offered by the page builder service, so that it becomes obvious for you whether it is worth using or not. 

Customer Service

Consideration should also be given to incidents of force majeure, where something goes wrong and you have to ask for help to fix it. These are the cases where the customer support service is a crucial feature for the rapid reacting on any issue and its quick resolving. Additionally, this service will be really helpful during the first time using a new page builder and can provide a smooth application of it to your website. 

Data Retention

If you want to use the full potential of the page builder, then we recommend paying attention to the data retention feature. Today, in the times of technology portability it is increasingly important to have your data always at hand and secured from the third parties interference. 

4) Research Pages Made with Each Builder

To increase awareness about each webpage builder, it’s a great thing to make a trial web page using a certain builder. By relying on your inner feeling about every tool, you become much more likely to make the final choice. We greatly recommend trying the new features for your webpage so that it becomes obvious if this page tool may be useful for your further working processes. 

Mind if there are special features that can incredibly simplify the work, for instance, drag and drop widgets, real-time preview, page layout templates, and more.

Besides, you can prepare the model of the web page you are planning to create with a builder and note the time needed for its creation using the page builder. 

5) Make Your Choice

The final step of this research is to make a careful comparison of every option and come up with the final decision. In fact, sometimes it is much better to use the most beneficial and comfortable page builder instead of overpaying for the most expensive one with the features that will never be used for your website designing and its further optimization.

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By comparing all the criteria, you can much easily analyze the pros and cons of any option, indicate the peculiarities of each builder, and get a clear idea of what you need, and which page builder will perfectly fit all the requirements. 

Final Word

To conclude, the web page builder is a crucial tool needed for improving website performance, as it helps to create a unique and competitive platform. The visual aspect of your web pages can significantly increase the traffic and raise your target audience thus taking the website to the next level. 

For making the most beneficial choice, it is important to make a detailed comparison based on the page builders’ pricing, functionality, visuals, customer services, and other services. You may check other helpful landing page builders review to keep you going.

We hope that having learned more about the essential criteria needed for choosing the best tool for your website, it now becomes much easier to come up with a great decision. 

What’s Next

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