4 Best Live Chat Plugins for Ecwid

Ecwid is an e-commerce platform primarily intended for small and medium businesses and marketers who want to set up an online store on their website effortlessly.

In order to increase revenue, the biggest goal is to gather as many customers as possible to take your business to the next level.

Platforms like Ecwid can help you with that, as setting up online stores has always been an essential part of any business strategy.

What can further help you are chat plugins that you can easily install on your website with the right tools?  

We have selected the 4 best chat plugins for Ecwid, so let’s see which features they offer and which one might be just right for you.

1. Chaty (Premio)

Chaty is a Premio plugin that can help you communicate with your website visitors in the easiest way possible.

The most special thing about this plugin is that it allows you to communicate with your potential customers through their favorite social networks.

It will help you get more leads, improve customer support, and eventually increase sales.

Chaty enables you to choose the location of your widget, add CTAs, change colors, and more.

Your visitors only need to choose their favorite channels, be it Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter, or similar, and seamless, uninterrupted communication can begin.

What is great about this is that you can continue talking with your visitors even after they leave the store.

The Chaty widget is highly-customizable and besides changing colors and size, you can add images, buttons, and it also looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.

It is very easy to set it up as it only takes two steps.

It will enable you to get in touch with your potential customers quickly and easily, and guide them in any way, help them, resolve any doubts, and more. 

Offered features:

  • Customization options
  • Over 20 different channels
  • Showing different channels on mobile and desktop
  • Tracking on Google Analytics
  • Showing the widget on specific pages

Advantages of using Chaty

This plugin works perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices.

There is also an option to disable your widget if you want to, and as it is a floating widget, your visitors will be able to see it at all times, even if they scroll a certain percentage of the page.

Customer support is great, and your visitors can ask whatever they want.

You can customize it fully and make it exactly as you envisioned it, you can change colors, add a logo, and design it so that it fits into your brand.

Disadvantages of using Chaty

For some more features, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Why is Chaty a perfect chat plugin for Ecwid?

It offers your visitors the possibility to communicate with you and at the same time stay at their favorite social channels.

It is very easy to install, and you can customize it fully to your liking. 

You can track performances on Google Analytics.

If you only have certain days or hours to dedicate to your visitors, you can customize your widget according to that.

There are different triggers when your live chat widget can appear:

  • After a certain amount of time they spent on your website
  • After a certain percentage of the page scrolled
  • When your visitor tries to exit your website

Chaty allows you to maintain relationships with your customers and to increase the chances of your business growing.

Chaty’s pricing

Chaty offers a free plan, but if you want some additional features you can choose from several paid packages starting at $25 per month.

Try Chaty for Ecwid Now!

2. LiveChat

LiveChat is a popular customer service platform that allows you to communicate with your visitors wherever they are.

It is beautifully designed, easy to set up, and, most importantly, fully responsive.

The chat window is user-friendly and simple, and it enables you to create an amazing user experience for your visitors.

You can customize your live chat widget by changing theme colors, adding logos, showing your agent’s photo, changing position, visibility, and more. 

It is important that your live chat widget fits perfectly into your website’s design, and that is exactly what this platform provides.

This plugin allows you to act faster as it has an option to make everything that your visitors are typing visible to you even before they send it.

If you do not want to miss a chat, you can turn on notifications to be immediately at the service of customers.

There are over 115 ready-to-use images to catch your visitors’ attention, but you can also upload your own.

After each chat, you can ask your visitors to fill out a survey, which can help you when it comes to your customer service improvement.

Offered features:

  • Customizable chatbox
  • Chat tags
  • Notifications
  • Ready-to-use content
  • Reports and analytics
  • Responsiveness
  • Integrations

Advantages of using LiveChat

Detailed reports and analytics can help you improve your service and find out how your customers feel about their experience with your live chat.

You can personalize your live chat widget fully and brand it by changing colors, themes, or positions.

Also, you can add tags to your chats and make the whole experience more efficient.

It is very easy to set it up and even easier to use it.

LiveChat is both mobile and desktop responsive.

Disadvantages of using LiveChat

It is a little bit pricey for small businesses.

Automatic greetings could be improved for a better user experience.

Why is LiveChat a great chat plugin for Ecwid?

It offers various customization options so you can create a perfect widget for your e-commerce website.

LiveChat has important insights that can help you improve your chat performance by tracking the total number of chats on a daily basis, missed chats, chat surveys, how satisfied your customers are with your service, and more.

It is mobile-friendly, so you can be totally available to your customers.

LiveChat’s pricing

This plugin offers a free trial, and after that, you can upgrade to some of the paid packages starting from $16 per agent monthly.

3. Chaport

Chaport is another great tool that enables easy communication between sellers and their customers.

It helps you increase your sales by improving your relationships with your customers by answering their questions and guiding them.

Even if you are offline, this plugin allows your visitors to write to you whenever they need your help.

This is a multi-channel software which means that your customers can reach you and write to you via Facebook, Telegram, Viber.

It is also mobile responsive, so the level of availability really can’t be higher.

You can integrate it with more than 2000 apps using Zapier or API.

Chaport has a very customizable widget, so you can make it completely to your liking by changing colors, texts, or agent photos.

You can save the most common answers and use saved replies to be more efficient.

Chaport is a multilingual plugin, so the widget automatically appears in the selected language, which users extremely appreciate.

Offered features:

  • Customization options
  • Saved replies
  • Insights
  • Multilingual chat widget
  • Integrations
  • Multi-channel software
  • Responsiveness

Advantages of using Chaport 

Chaport has a fully responsive chat widget, which is great if your customers want to communicate with you via mobile devices.

You can use insights and reports to see what chats did you miss.

It is customizable and easy to use, and it allows you to help your customers in real-time.

With the Pro plan, you get the ability to join the group chats and work together with your team members. 

Disadvantages of using Chaport

Many important features are not included in a free plan.

Why is Chaport another great chat plugin for Ecwid?

It is a multilingual chat widget, which is always welcome when it comes to customer support.

The live chat widget is equally functional on both desktop and mobile devices.

Also, it is very easy to customize it, and there are many options to style it according to your brand design.

Besides advanced reports and insights, it offers many integrations to connect all the important platforms easily.

Chaport’s pricing

There is a free plan and a paid plan that costs $9.80 per month/operator which has additional features. 

4. Olark

Olark is a chat plugin specially designed to help you learn something important from every online interaction you have.

It offers you the possibility to communicate with your customers, answer questions, and gather feedback. 

Olark is a very simple tool, and it is easy to customize the live chat widget so that it matches your website visually.

You can modify the shape, change colors, position, background, and more.

There is an option of offline messaging, too.

By collecting feedback and using analytics, you get to know your customers better, what they need, what troubles them, and more.

You can greet customers automatically and save some time.

It allows you to integrate with your favorite tools, and some of them are Google Analytics, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and more.

Offered features:

  • Customization options
  • Triggered messaging
  • Offline messaging
  • Reports and insights
  • Analytics
  • Integrations

Advantages of using Olark

This plugin has all the most important features that are needed to establish great communication.

At any time you will know exactly what is happening with your live chat, how many missed chats you have, what is the feedback, are your users satisfied, and similar.

With the triggering option, based on your visitors’ behavior you can send messages at the right time and encourage sales.

Disadvantages of using Olark

There could be some difficulties when trying to share, for example, product images with other people.

Why is Olark an interesting chat plugin for Ecwid?

It is primarily a tool that can help you get more customers quickly and easily with the help of many useful features.

Automation makes everything more efficient, and the live chat widget itself is really easy to use.

You can send follow-up emails if you are unable to respond immediately.

Analytics allow you to track the behavior of your website visitors, and if you want more detailed reports, you can connect Olark with Google Analytics.


All the abovementioned apps have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re looking for the most user-friendly and affordable live chat app for your Ecwid website, then head over to Chaty. It has almost all the features you need for powerful live chat optimization and customization.

Did you know that Chaty also has a SaaS version for any websites you have? Sign up here for free!