7 Image Compression Plugins for WordPress

7 Image Compression Plugins for WordPress

WhatIs.com defines image compression as minimizing the size in bytes of a graphics file without degrading the quality of the image to an unacceptable level.

There are several main advantages when it comes to image compression:

  • Compressed images will take up less memory.
  • It will be easier for web pages to load.
  • You will be able to send the images much faster via the Internet.

You can insert more images that are compressed without slowing down page load speed which, without compression, wouldn’t be the case.

One of the factors for Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings is the speed of page loading.

That is why it is important to do everything you can in order for your page to load in the shortest possible time, and compressing images is one of those things.

Researches showed that 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

With that in mind, you certainly do not want to turn people away from your website.

Google also indexes how many people are turning away from your pages, which also affects your position in the search results.

In order to make it easier for you to perform image compression, which obviously brings many benefits, you will find a list of 7 image compression plugins for WordPress below.

1. ShortPixel (Freemium)

ShortPixel offers a test where you can upload your image and see how this plugin performs.

It is a very simple compress image plugin to use.

You can upload any picture without any file size limit.

All you have to do is install it on your WordPress website, and with a few clicks, you will be able to compress existing images as well as those you intend to insert into your website.

ShortPixel also offers glossy JPEG compression.

You will be able to compress any image on your website quickly and easily, including images in the NextGEN or FOO gallery, and even PDF documents.

The original images are saved and they can be restored with just one click.

Pricing: There is a free plan that offers 100 pictures a month to compress. Paid plans start from $4.99 per month with 5000 compressing images.

2. Optimus (Freemium)

Optimus is especially recommended for bloggers, photographers, editors.

This image compression plugin for WordPress compresses an image, but also all preview images.

There is progressive JPEG compression. Instead of loading from top to bottom, progressive JPEG images are displayed in full immediately.

First, some of the data will load, and the image will not be displayed in its full quality until fully loaded.

Source: KeyCDN

Optimus will only compress those images that are inserted into the WordPress media folder after you have installed this plugin on your website.

Also, this tool does not store your images in its memory after compression, but they are deleted immediately after the process is completed.

Source: WP Smackdown

Pricing: All plans include JPEG and PNG picture format. There is a free Optimus package, but it offers only 100 KM as maximum file size. Paid plans have 10 MB as maximum file size, and prices start at $29 per year.

3. Kraken.io

Kraken.io will compress the image extremely fast, without any changes when it comes to the visual quality of the images themselves.

Fast image compression is possible thanks to the powerful servers that make this WordPress plugin work.

Today, a large number of Internet users and your website visitors use tablets and mobile phones. That is why Kraken.io makes your images optimized for all types of devices so you can’t ruin the user-friendly experience.

You can insert all the images you want to compress in a list form in the text area, and they will all be packed into a zipped folder after the process is finished. This saves you a considerable amount of time.

If you also need to resize the image, Kraken.io has a simple image resizing interface.

Like other plugins for this purpose, Kraken.io is also very easy to use.

Pricing: Each plan comes with a free version that includes 100 MB for testing. Paid plans start from $5 per month with 500 MB for images.

4. WP Smush (Freemium)

WP Smush will compress the image and remove any unnecessary data without adversely affecting the image quality.

It offers a Bulk Smash feature that lets you optimize up to 50 images with just one click.

This WordPress plugin can compress images in media uploads as well as in any other directory you choose.

The WP Smush Dashboard will keep you informed about everything you need to know that is going on with your images.

It also has a finder for the wrong size image. When you activate the finder, it will show you what those images are and offer you tips on how to scale your images too.

It does not include an API key or any complicated steps when it comes to installation.

WP Smush works with the help of WPMU DEV servers.

Pricing: This image compression plugin for WordPress has a free version. You can upgrade to Smush PRO for $49 per month.

5. Tiny JPG (Freemium)

After uploading an image, Tiny JPG analyzes it to find the best JPEG encoding.

This plugin chooses a strategy based on the content of your image.

It will remove unnecessary data to make your image as easy to load as possible while maintaining quality.

If you need a resized picture for a thumbnail, the API will do it for you. It will also add more background if needed.

Pricing: On the Tiny JPG site, you can compress up to 20 images up to 5 MB in size for free. And, if you need to compress more images with larger file size, you can subscribe to the PRO version for $25 a year.

6. Imagify (Freemium)

 Another image compression plugin for WordPress that will help you speed up loading of your website is Imagify.

Imagify will quickly optimize images for you at the marked compressed level. There are three levels:

  • Normal
  • Aggressive
  • Ultra

You also have the option to restore the original versions of the images if you wish.

To compress images, you can do this directly into your CMS, through their online app, or API.

Imagify records statistics, so you can see how much space you saved after the image was compressed.

Pricing: Each paid plan comes with a free account that provides you with 25 MB. Paid plans start from $4.99 per month.

7. Optimole (Freemium)

Optimole is a cloud-based solution for compressing your website images.

It will make images ‘lighter’ and improve website load speed.

You just need to sign up, connect Optimole with your WordPress website, and this plugin will do everything for you automatically.

The whole process happens in real-time, so your images will be compressed very quickly.

You can get all your images through CDN.

Like Imagify, it also lets you track statistics and find out how much space is being saved.

With Optimole, you can add watermarks and protect your pictures.

This plugin provides the most optimized versions, so whether your visitors come via desktop, phone, or tablet, the images will always maintain their quality.

Pricing: Optimole has a slightly different charge, so you should choose the right package based on the number of visits you expect. A free plan is also available, and paid plans start at $6.93 per month.

The bottom line

If your plan is for your visitors to spend as much time as possible on your website because they want to, not because they are waiting for the page to be loaded, do your best when it comes to pictures and their formatting.

Images slow down your website, but the fact is that without them, the text itself can seem boring and unpromising.

They catch the eye of the visitor, keep their attention, and remain in their memory. Humans are primarily visual beings, and images definitely serve a very important purpose on your website.

Image compression has become an extremely simple and fast process thanks to these image compression plugins for WordPress, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of it all.

You will reduce the page load time, get more leads, and increase conversion rates.

Your audience will get a really good, friendly user-experience.

There are also other various WordPress plugins to make your visitors feel even better.

For example, Premio offers plugins for many different purposes. It will allow you to make:

If you are not sure what you should choose for your website, visit Premio and learn more about each individual plugin.

When you make your pages more compelling and easier to load, you will also notice an increased number of visits.

7 Image Compression Plugins for WordPressHurry up, and you will see how your SEO position improves for the better!