5 WordPress Plugins for Boosting Brand Identity

One of the best things about digital marketing is all the tools we have to promote our businesses and engage with our target audience in a better way. However, not many people know how to use those tools, which makes it more difficult for some businesses to grow without the help of eCommerce companies. 

Regardless of that, sticking to the most mainstream digital marketing tools on the market can help you increase your leads and sales without getting confused along the process. WordPress is an excellent content management system that allows everyone to show what they have to offer and publish content through a straightforward platform. 

Nonetheless, learning how to use WordPress is not enough to increase your sales since you need to undergo an all-on marketing campaign to promote your products and services online. Building your brand identity is essential for that matter, and that’s what we are here to address today. 

Despite how complex it can sound to develop an online persona from scratch, it’s easier thanks to the plugins WordPress has available for you. Are you interested in learning more about the best WordPress plugins for boosting your brand identity? This is the page for you!

Here, you will find the five best WordPress plugins for building and promoting a decent online presence and more information about how to do it.   

Learning how to use these plugins is also essential if you want them to work, so you can read our website for more information on the matter. 

How Important Is It to Build an Online Presence? 

Building an online presence is one of the most important things to do when starting a digital marketing campaign. The reason for that is having an online persona makes it easier for your clients to communicate with you without feeling awkward or like they are talking to a robot. 

Your company must have a personality and something that shows people how to tell it apart from your competitors, and that’s what building an online presence helps you with. It would be too much of a nuisance if clients talked directly to you every time they have a problem or concern with one of your services or products.

Apart from that, it’s way more professional to talk to your customers on behalf of the company instead of addressing them personally. This will tell your clients how much work you’ve put into making your brand grow. 

Getting a decent online presence is also helpful when dealing with social media marketing. In the past, physical marketing, email marketing, and other marketing methods were the only way business owners had to communicate with their customers. 

Now, people can reach out to you through live chat apps, or Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. 93% of marketers worldwide use social media marketing to promote their companies, and missing out on that means letting your competitors outsell you. 

No one wants that, so you need to not only learn how to build an online presence but also how to take the most advantage you can of it. The best way to do this is by hiring a digital marketing company to help you with that. 

Digital marketing companies can help you plan your marketing campaign and teach you how to use the WordPress plugins we are about to mention. 

We know you may not want to invest the money you have in digital marketing services if you are a small business, but it’s better if you see this as a mid-term investment that will help you get more sales in the long run.  

Best WordPress Plugins for Boosting Brand Identity 

As you could see, building a decent online persona is one of the best ways of increasing sales and brand awareness. There are many ways to do this, but WordPress plugins are a straightforward and effective way to boost your brand identity. 

Many WordPress plugins can help you do that on the market, but the ones we will mention below are the best, so picking any of them would be a safe choice. You can find many WordPress plugins on Premio, so visit its website to try different options than the ones listed on this page. 

With that being said, these are the five best WordPress plugins to boost your brand identity or create an online presence:

#1 Poptin 

Poptin is a WordPress plugin whose main feature is allowing you to create smart pop ups to let people know what your company offers and the special deals you have for your services. Apart from that, you can also create embedded forms and set up an email autoresponder through this plugin.

How can this popup builder help you build a decent online presence? The answer is in its smart popups. Many users online dislike how pop ups work since they appear randomly and don’t show relevant information to the website they are reading.

You can change that with Poptin. This plugin can help you show the right message at the right time, so you can plan what will appear in your popup and what that popup will show at that time. Creative popups can tell a lot about your brand and how it works. 

Additionally, its contact forms can also help you engage with your customers and get them to interact with you organically. This plugin has email, contact, advanced, and call-to-action forms available.

You don’t believe us? Brands such as Kia, the New York Times, and Oxford Learning College use this plugin for their website. 

#2 Chaty

In a nutshell, Chaty is a chat plugin that works excellently for customer support teams and people who want their clients to communicate with them once they get to their website. This plugin helps you talk with your customers through communication channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger. 

Chaty takes the runner-up of this list thanks to how it allows you to communicate with your customers smoothly and familiarly for them. One of the main reasons you should build an online persona is that it helps you talk with your customers without personally involving yourself in the process. 

This chat app focuses on that by adding a chat button on your website to let customers ask you any questions about your website. Chaty allows you to talk to your clients through more than 20 social media platforms and even adds custom support channels.

You don’t want a chat button that looks similar to others, so you should use Chaty’s customizable UI to change your chatbox’s interface. 

Companies such as Website San Diego and Molly Dean use Chaty for their websites. 

#3 MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is an excellent option if you want to track the progress of your marketing campaign. This company may not help you build an online persona directly, but it lets you know how a digital marketing campaign is doing.

This plugin gives you real-time analytics, and eCommerce reports tell you what most users did when they got to your website.

Over three million websites use MonsterInsights to track their campaign’s progress. Some of those websites include Microsoft’s and PlayStation’s pages. 

#4 WPForms

WPForms helps you interact with your customers differently from other plugins. As its name suggests, this tool focuses on forms, so you can use it to send contact, survey, newsletter, and registration forms to keep in touch with your clients. 

Using this WordPress Plugin can help you build an online presence by increasing client participation on your website. Doing that tells you a lot about what your target audience wants and what you should do to get them to buy your products. 

Erickson Web Consulting LLC, ChrisLema.com, and MaxCDN are some of the businesses that have built an online presence with the help of WPForms. 

#5 Smash Balloon 

Getting to the next WordPress plugin on the list, we have Smash Balloon. This plugin does its best to help you manage your social media interactions and posts. Do you need help with your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube feeds? You should use this plugin.

How can this plugin help you build an online presence? Social media platforms are the best way to show your brand identity and use it to get more clients. Hence, managing your feeds helps you get more leads through social media platforms

Big enterprises, such as Coca-Cola, use Smash Balloons. 

#6 Chatway

Chatway is a live chat app that gives you a chance to offer real-time communication on your website. A great benefit of this live chat plugin is that you can install it and get started in just a few minutes because it is offered for free.

Chatway is designed to be user-friendly for both you and your website visitors.

The WordPress plugin is simple to install and configure, and the chat interface is intuitive for both customers and support agents. Visitors can get their questions answered quickly and easily, leading to a smoother buying experience.

Bottom Line

Building a decent online presence is not something you can do overnight, but getting help from a digital marketing company can make that process easier. There are many of them available online, so pick the one you feel most comfortable with!

Whether you want to add subscribe forms or testimonials templates to your website, you can find excellent ways to do that with the plugins Premio offers, so check them out on Premio’s website as soon as you can!

You can also read some other blog posts similar to this one on our website, and doing it is the best way to learn how to boost your brand through digital marketing!