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5 Ways to Improve Website Ranking and Increase Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes raising the value of your business through good quality and amount of content and receiving priority in website ranking on organic search results.

Achieving the desired SEO is an interplay of balanced effects of various factors. It is a complicated process throughout and requires careful planning and management from the company’s end.

This piece deals with the intricacies of utilizing the knowledge of SEO and implementing it to improve the rank of your website and resulting in increased website traffic and drive more sales

To make it to or remain in higher ranks on search engines, a deep understanding of tips and tricks to improve your website ranking is required.

This process of organically increasing the website traffic requires moderation in a set of variables.

These variables hold immense value and can make or break your website’s SEO. It involves creating such a website that its content will be shared repeatedly, get good feedback and reviews, and address user’s queries effectively.

All these form the basis for organic website traffic.

Let’s quickly dive in and understand the critical variables in depth. These are:

1. Quality of content and organization

There’s no shortcut to rank better without quality content. To secure a good rank, the content must be designed keeping in view the audience and their needs.

Vague content is not preferred, which is one of the primary reasons for not attracting website traffic. The content should not be scattered on the website.

All the related facts and topics must be present at the same place for easy access.

2. Secure Websites for the win!

For SEO, it is essential for you to have HTTPS instead of HTTP. This may appear as a simple parameter, but it creates a massive difference in the website ranking. SSL Certificate from a reputed provider can help you achieve security.

Nowadays, you can secure your website with different types of SSL certificates including single domain, wildcard SSL, multi-domain, etc. If the site for example has unlimited subdomains or needed to be added in the future, the site holder should go with a cheap wildcard SSL certificate. It would be a budget deal along with strong security.

3. Updated content and display of trust factor

The website’s content should not be outdated. It should be a regular practice in the company to update the content of the website.

Add links from the other reliable websites. It creates a factor of trust, and this helps in attracting website traffic. The search engine considers your website a well-known and reputed one in the sphere through linked websites.

4. Know about keywords

It is a well-known fact that keywords hold a cardinal place in creating organic Traffic. The density of the keywords and appropriately positioning them help achieve positive results for the website.

Keywords should be repeated within the content, and this is how you can easily increase website traffic.

5. Ensuring the comfort of the user

The convenience of the user is supreme. In this way, it is desirable to design the website’s content according to smartphones, computers, and tablets. It is necessary to think and reflect on the numerous aspects from the initial stage.

One such requirement is to keep in view users’ choices, which is certainly not easy to evaluate. Most of the users today view the content of your website on their smartphones.

Thus, it is required to consider this easy website trick for search engine optimization too. Your website should be smartphone-friendly to attract consumers to your content.

Apart from this, your website should be up to date to achieve the desired SEO.

These are the following aspects you should pay attention to:

Pay attention to these website ranking factors

1. Eye-catching content

Among the numerous important factors that occupy an important position, it is required to pay complete attention to making the website eye-catchy.

One should pay attention to the colors used, typography, the background to increase the traffic organically. Update your website and along with this; there should be no compromise in the website’s functionality over aesthetics.

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2. Quick response

The website should not be slow responding. It should be quick to load and less time-consuming for the users to visit different links within the website It has been proven that faster-performing websites correlate with better rankings in the search engines.

A website keeping in mind such a thing will never fail to achieve good SEO.

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3. Live chat feature

A passive website can never achieve the status and popularity among consumers as an active one.

You should provide an option of live chat or a WordPress chat plugin like Chaty that should address the consumers’ queries and complaints.

A website actively solving and attending to all the questions of the buyers will automatically attract traffic.

4. Updated Metadata with time

While designing your website’s content, every page holds a space in the middle of the tags to add metadata or data about the contents of the page. The designer needs to review and update metadata as the website modifies with time.


It is tedious to rank well, especially in popular search engines. It involves several variables to attract traffic organically.

One should thoughtfully decide about the strategy you implement from a search engine from an optimization perspective.

One can take help from a team of professionals or an online marketing agency that will give you a broad overview of how your website is optimized.

As the steps mentioned above explain, it is essential to have quality content in an organized content and secure the site through SSL Certificates.

Another way to increase website traffic is to keep in mind the density of keywords. Position your keywords correctly that it constructively affects the SEO, website ranking, and your domain authority all in all.