14 WordPress Plugins To Use To Create Killer Content

Content creation takes time, money, and effort. An effective strategy, both content and SEO strategy additionally requires consistency, planning, and the ability to generate cool content.

Plugins help you to do this quickly. They do the hard and boring work for you. We’ve picked 14 of the best services that automate routine tasks and make your content cool.

Let’s dive in!

Strive Content Calendar

If you want to create exceptional content, you need a schedule to stay organized. The Strive plugin helps tremendously because it adds a responsive content calendar directly into your WordPress dashboard.


  • View your entire publishing schedule in the content calendar
  • Reschedule posts with drag-and-drop
  • Make small edits from the Quick Edit menu
  • Monitor your progress with post statuses
  • Create custom checklists for quality control
  • Update outdated posts using the Post Revisions feature

WP Keyword Suggest

Free SEO plugin offering keyword suggestions from search engine autocomplete. Up to 250 options available. The plugin is added directly to WordPress, located in the left menu.


  • Keyword research;
  • The plugin itself searches and filters the results, providing a ready-made solution;
  • Search for keywords or full headings;
  • Generation of topics for publications for a niche.


Easy-to-use plugin for creating lists. They can be supplemented with images and attractive headlines. The plugin also provides various ways to interact with the audience:

  • Evaluation of lists;
  • Commenting;
  • The ability to mark items that you liked;
  • Writing sentences to the list.

Available in free and paid versions. The latter provides advanced functions.


The plugin is free. Allows you to keep track of all the words present on your site. So you can improve the content in accordance with the goals and topics of the resource. Provides information in the form of reports.


  • TOP-20 popular keywords;
  • Schedule of monthly calculation of keywords for different types of content;
  • The total number of  used words;
  • Levels of readability of publications and the share of basic, medium and highly readable posts;
  • Content analytics tables with recommendations (size of posts, level of content complexity, and a number of keywords used).

Editorial Calendar

An effective content strategy needs planning. Editorial Calendar allows you to visualize the dates and times of posting in a calendar format. The plugin is free.


  • Presentation of publications with the time of placement of each of them;
  • Easy change of publication dates by drag and drop;
  • Box for drafts with easy post-management;
  • Instant editing of time, content and titles of the publication;
  • Management of posts of different authors;
  • Presentation of the status of messages.

SEO Internal Links

A simple free plugin that supports the most important functions of installing automatic links. Allows you to create personalized keyword lists and determine which URL they should lead to.


  • Support for all popular browsers;
  • Defining the DoFollow and NoFollow attributes;
  • Compatibility with all caching plugins;
  • Ease of setup;
  • Generation of custom keyword lists:
  • Generation of branded links.

Curation Suite

A complete content curation platform. Provides editing in a rendered format. The plugin is paid. Provides a trial period of 4 months when purchasing an annual plan. A monthly subscription is also possible. Full prices are $25 and $197, respectively. Consulting services are offered separately. When you purchase them, you will automatically receive a one-year subscription to the Curation Suite. Full cost $997.


  • Content search;
  • Fast creation and copying of messages;
  • Instant or planned promotion of content on social networks;
  • Adding images, visual editor;
  • Search for videos in the YouTube database;
  • And much more.

Search Everything

Free plugin for fast search and navigation throughout the site. Does not modify template pages. Allows you to customize the search for attachments, drafts, comments, tags, pages, and more.


  • The ability to search in custom taxonomies;
  • Search for each tag, category, draft, except, comment;
  • Exclusion of categories/publications from search;
  • Search by approved comments;
  • Search highlighting.

PrePost SEO

Prepostseo Plugin is one of the top-notch plugins one must have as it allows webmasters to improve the overall strength of a website within the range of SEO best practices like DA PA score, Grammar checker and etc.

Moreover, it’s equipped with the world’s best Plagiarism checker system, which assists webmasters to create quality content by highlighting any bit of plagiarism in their content before publishing it online.


  • Helps in improving overall vocabulary, correcting mistakes by highlighting and suggesting on the live interface 
  • Checks content deeply sentence by sentence with billions of online database
  • Generates a detailed report of matched sources, percentage of uniqueness and etc.
  • It analyzes every webpage of a website for any errors and suggests how to improve
  • Counts characters and keyword density  
  • It offers webmasters to exclude URLs for different reasons
  • It counts do follow and no follow links which notify the overall status of your website 
  • Notifies if any broken link is on your website
  • It gives frequent suggestions to improve the overall SEO of your website
  • Analyzes Meta Tags and Image ALT tabs, (Meta description, topics, headings, Subheadings and etc.)


Built-in graphics editor for WordPress. Allows you to create designs of various levels of complexity. From the simplest layouts to working with videos and complex infographics.

The latter is great content to maintain the image of an expert. Just present the statistics in an accessible format. And remember, quality content cannot contain mistakes. Therefore, in order to avoid typos in the texts, always use custom essay writing services or grammar checkers like Grammarly and ProWritingAid. This will help ensure high-quality content.


  • Automatic generation of HTML5, CSS and Javascript code;
  • Support for video content from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram;
  • Audio blocks that support Reverbnation and SoundCloud;
  • Creation, editing, and movement of multimedia blocks;
  • Content adaptability;
  • Availability of an editable text field;
  • Links with the ability to open in one frame or search on the Internet;
  • Support for 15 languages.

The paid version offers advanced features. For example, drawing and copying content.

Edit Flow

Helps to organize team work and avoid chaos. After all, a good strategy is one that is implemented on a regular basis. The Edit Flow plugin automates processes and enables easy team communication directly in WordPress.


  • Review of site content for the month;
  • Private discussion of publications;
  • Adding working metadata for quick navigation and process tracking;
  • The ability to create user groups;
  • Presentation of the content strategy budget.

Easy Content Templates

The type of publication is no less important than the content. Poorly designed text looks boring and is more likely to not be read. However, Easy Content Templates will help you to avoid this. Allows you to publish content in a unique format. Moreover, the latter can be created independently.


  • Creation of your own template;
  • The ability to share templates with users (for example, team members);
  • Choice of several formats;
  • Application of templates to existing pages of the site;
  • Base of ready-made templates.


An image is one of the first things that catches your eye when you open a post. It must be relevant, attractive, and have an appropriate legal status. Ideally, CC0.

ImageInject will help you find such images. The plugin is especially relevant for start-up companies. If now you do not have the opportunity to take your own photos, then ImageInject will come in handy. Allows you to search for images in the Flickr and Pixabay databases through the toolbar.


The plugin allows you to create and add infographics or diagrams to your publications for free. The latter can be linear, pie, and histograms. It is also possible to create a word cloud.


  • Easy to use editor;
  • A huge database of maps, icons, and images;
  • Extremely simple data import;
  • Interactive reports.

YouTube Embedded Plugin

Extremely powerful and easy-to-use video embed plugin. It is free. Opens up a comprehensive list of options for adding and editing videos.


  • Creation of playlists and setting up their playback;
  • Automatic creation of playlists by the search text, or by the user;
  • “Do not track” function;
  • Adding metadata compatible with the Google search engine;
  • Dynamic resizing for responsive sites, as well as support for FitVids.js and iFrame Resizer;
  • The ability to create multiple profiles;
  • and much more.

Also, explore other options for video editors to help you make your killer content even more unforgettable.

Ultimate Blocks 

Ultimate Blocks is a freemium Gutenberg block plugin with 22+ stunning blocks. You can craft engaging and conversion-centric captivating blog posts and pages on WordPress using these blocks.

This plugin is extremely useful for blog writers, affiliate marketers, and content marketers. If you don’t need complex web design, you can use Ultimate Blocks as an alternative to traditional page builder plugins.

Features and Functions:

  • Allows you to exercise more control over the block layouts
  • Includes advanced colors, typography, padding, margin, and other stylizations in each block
  • Schema-enabled blocks help you grow organic content visibility on search engines
  • Blocks like Rating, Review, and Testimonial can establish social proof
  • Buttons and Call to Action can help you shoot up conversions
  • Each block is automatically responsive on all devices
  • Extremely beginner-friendly and requires no technical knowledge


It takes a lot of effort to create really cool content. There are many factors to consider. Using the described plugins, you can automate tasks and achieve high-quality results without wasting your work time.

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